Peucezia in Roman times

Peucezia in Roman times. The archaeological and topographical picture, edited by Angela Ciancio, Progedit, Bari 2002, pp. XIV, 140, richly illustrated, 24 cm, br. and.

Series: Itineraries.

During the Augustan principality, the term “Peucezia”, now in disuse, no longer indicates any political-juridical individuality, and the “Peuceti” represent only a learned historical-geographical quotation. However, it cannot be excluded that the implementation of the process of integration with the Roman-imperial system by the communities belonging to this territorial district is influenced by the socio-economic specificities and cultural heritage of the area. The dynamics underlying this evolutionary phase are still not sufficiently known, since the analysis of the archaeological evidence of the period coming from this part of the Apulian region is still partial. The field researches of recent years in central Puglia, however, enrich the epigraphic documentation and material culture by offering new elements of knowledge and opportunities for reflection on a still hazy period of ancient Apulian history.

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