The Roman Daunia: city and territory from Romanization to the Imperial Age

National conference on prehistory, protohistory, history of Daunia. San Severo 6-8 December 1996. The Roman Daunia: city and territory from the Romanization to the Imperial Age. Proceedings, edited by Armando Gravina, Archeoclub d'Italia, San Severo 1999, pp. 461, richly illustrated, 24 cm, br. and.

The volume includes interesting contributions including: P. Principe, Teanum Apulum in the Second Punic War: the numismatic documentation.

Other present works: M. Silvestrini, Aecae, Luceria, Arpi: notes on the “gentes” of the three Roman centers of the Celone valley; A. Gravina, Some rural settlements between lower Fortore and southern Gargano. Topography notes; J. Mertens, Notes for the topography of Bovino in Roman times; M. Corrente, Canosa: the Town Hall; L. Di Cosmo, Cases of reuse in the church of Santa Maggiore di Siponto; R. Compatangelo Soussignan, Centuriation without settlers? The case of Canosa in the framework of the royal Apulia et Calabria; L. Pietropaolo, Roman ceramics in Daunia between Romanization and the Late Antiquity. Notes on production and dissemination; L. Notarangelo, Diomede in Turi and Metaponto: for a rereading of schol. to Pind. Nem. X 12; F. Grelle, Settlement forms, territorial planning and municipal organization in the Celone district; J. Mertens, Herdonia, Roman city of Daunia; F. Hilgert, The mosaic floors of the monumental complex of San Giusto (Lucera): preliminary report; L. Marchi, The Venosian district: documents for a Romanization process; E. Casteels, The town hall of Teanum Apulum; O. Dally, The sanctuary in San Leucio di Canosa di Puglia; F. D'Aloia, Imported tableware from late antiquity archaeological contexts from the villa of Agnuli in Mattinata; M. Mazzei, Introduction to the Conference; G. Legrottaglie, The portraiture of the Roman age in Lucera; L. Casavola, The amphorae of the Roman villa of Agnuli (Mattinata-Foggia); M. Mazzei, Lucera; AG Blundo, Roman funerary monuments in Daunia; G. Volpe, For a history of the agricultural landscapes of Roman Daunia; G. Volpe, Ports, routes and trade in the Roman Daunia; M. Chelotti, General picture of imperial property in northern Apulia; MG De Fino, Recent epigraphic acquisitions from Orsara di Puglia (Foggia). Notes for a history of the territory; G. De Felice, Recent excavations at the Roman bridge over the Carapelle (Ordona, FG); M. Mazzei, Siponto: the Colony; L. Todisco, On some ideal types in the statuary of the imperial age in Daunia.

Slight traces of use on the paperback, otherwise in more than good condition.


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