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    Mantua sfragistica


    Giuseppe Margini, Sergio Baiocchi, Mantuan Sfragistica. Weaving monetary weights, seals, decorations and leads from the time of the Gonzaga lords of Mantua, Numismatic Editions Grigoli, Mantua 1985, pp. 108, richly illustrated, 24 cm, br. and.

    Volume printed in 500 numbered copies, this is n. 382.

    Work embellished with an autograph dedication by Margini on the first page.

    Elegant ex libris to the last card.

    In excellent condition. Rare.

    Catalog of balances de changeurs...


    Colin Martin, Matteo Campagnolo, Catalog des balances de changeurs des dénéraux et des poids, 1, La France et l'Italie, Association des amis du Cabinet des médailles, Lausanne 1994, pp. 187, richly illustrated, 6 large plates. folded, 30 cm, br. and.

    Series: Cahiers romands de numismatique, 2.

    In excellent condition. Very rare.

    Collectionneurs et collections...


    Collectionneurs et collections numismatiques. Monnaies, médailles, jetons, Imprimerie nationale, sl 1968, pp. XXIX, 360, richly illustrated, 1 pl. folded, 24 cm, br. and.

    Exhibition held at the Hotel de la Monnaie in Paris from May to September 1968.

    Very slight traces of use on the paperback, otherwise in excellent condition.

    Alaska's coinage through the years


    M. Gould, K. Bressett, K. and N. Dethridge, Alaska's coinage through the years, Second Edition, Whitman Publishing Company, Wisconsin 1965, pp. 176, richly illustrated, 20 cm, binding on the entire editorial canvas with titles on the spine and on the front plate.

    The volume presents the tokens, souvenir tokens, commemorative medals, strange and curious objects used as money by the pioneers and indigenous people of Alaska.

    In perfect condition.

    Zavattoni, Scales and tools for...


    Guido Zavattoni, Scales and instruments for weighing coins (mid-17th-20th century) from a private collection, Edizioni Ennerre, Milan 2003, pp. XXII, 312, ill., 28 cm, binding in all editorial canvas with titles in black on the spine and on the front plate.

    Numismatic Collections Series, 5.

    The volume presents the catalog of a private collection, with an extensive historical commentary, and offers an overview of monetary scales and other weighing instruments, mainly of European origin and between the mid-seventeenth century and the first part of the twentieth. The classification was organized by origin: by state and when possible by regions. For each group is presented a comment concerning the history and characteristics of the production. The objects, more than 180 overall, are all described and illustrated.

    Work in perfect condition.

    Gamberini di Scarfea, When there...


    Cesare Gamberini of Scarfea, When there is no change ... The postage stamp, the revenue stamp, the token and other substitutes for the divisional currency. First attempt at a systematic study, Edizioni de La numismatica, Brescia 1974, pp. 109, 180 ill. bn, 25 cm, br. and.

    An interesting classic. New and still incelophane.

    Wirenius-Matzoulévitch, Quelques...


    Jeannette Wirenius-Matzoulévitch, Quelques camées inédits du Musée de l'Ermitage, J. Florange Editeur, Paris 1928, pp. 16, 3 plates, 27 cm.

    Extract from n. 20 of Arethuse magazine, July 1928.

    Interesting study, intact and in perfect condition.

    Deonna, Gemmes antiques de la...


    W. Deonna, Gemmes antiques de la collection Duval au Musée d'art et d'histoire de Genève, Jules Florange, Paris 1925, pp. 18, 5 beautiful plates, cm 26, br. and.

    Extract from issue no. 8 of Arethuse magazine, July 1925.

    Interesting and in perfect condition.

    D'Affry de la Monnoye, Les...


    A. D'Affry de la Monnoye, Histoire générale de Paris. Les jetons de l'échevinage parisien. Documents for serving a metal histoire du bureau de la ville et de diverses institutions parisiennes, Imprimerie nationale, Paris 1878, pp. XXVIII, 416, ill., 35 cm, cart. and.

    Full-bodied folio publication enriched by numerous and beautiful illustrations interspersed in the text. Traces of use and abrasions to the binding, however very solid. Interior in excellent condition.


    Bruni, Monetary circulation in...


    Renzo Bruni, Monetary circulation in Bologna between the 18th and 19th centuries. Catalog of monetary weights in the collection of the Fondazione del Monte of Bologna and Ravenna, Inchiostri Associati Editore, Bologna 1997, pp. 121, richly illustrated, 24 cm, br. and.

    Elegant ex libris to the last card.

    Great copy.