General works

    Caltabiano, numismatist Holm


    Maria Caccamo Caltabiano, Numismatic Holm, Fabrizio Serra Editore, Pisa-Rome 2008, pp. 285-303, cm 24, br. and.


    In perfect condition. Rare.

    Finetti, Numismatics and technology


    Angelo Finetti, Numismatics and technology. Production and evaluation of money in past societies, NIS, Rome 1987, pp. 141, richly illustrated, 22 cm, br. and.

    Series: NIS Archeology Studies, 6.

    The function of the "money" product has always been to pass from hand to hand, carrying with it a series of messages of an economic, historical, political and social nature. But at the base of it all is always metal, with the dark people who extracted it and worked it, who translated a set of ideas into a form and set up the tools to convert those ideas into that form. Observing an ancient coin, taken as we are by those meanings that its creators have transferred to it, too often we miss what lies ahead of its realization; in addition to all the precautions aimed at preserving its integrity, behind it there is, in essence, the constant search for the subtle balance between content and form and between cost and value. With this work we tried to examine the "physicality" of the coin in its various aspects (legal, substitute, false or imitated), following its developments to provide researchers and collectors, in addition to news and sources, a series of information on the evolution of the tools and techniques used for its realization.

    Very good condition. Rare.

    Numismatics and the computer


    Numismatics and the computer, Ministry of Cultural and Environmental Heritage, Rome 1984, pp. 274, cm 29, cart. and.

    Supplement to n. 1 of the Numismatics Bulletin.

    Proceedings of the 1st International Meeting organized by the Municipality of Milan, Culture Division, Civic Numismatic Collections, with the patronage of the Ministry for Cultural and Environmental Heritage and the Lombardy Region, Milan 21-22 May 1984.

    In excellent condition.

    Traina, The language of coins


    Mario Traina, The language of coins. Mottos, companies and legends of Italian coins, with the collaboration of Alfonso Traina, Sesto Fiorentino, Olimpia 2006, pp. XIV, 575, ill., 6 plates, 31 cm, binding in full canvas with dust jacket.

    New and incelophane. Rare.

    Of the life and works of...


    Leone Tettoni, On the life and works of Commendatore Domenico Promis. Historical biographical and bibliographic memoirs with unpublished documents, GB Paravia and Comp., Turin 1874, pp. 163 with beautiful initials, splendid portrait of Promis in the antiporta engraved from the lithography of the Doyen Brothers preserved by tissue paper, 24 cm, paperback ed. with title within double thread and set aside friezes protected by coeval blank paper.

    The first part of the work presents an in-depth biography of Promis, the second is dedicated to the bibliography of the illustrious numismatist, the third and last concerns his correspondence.

    Domenico Promis (1804-1874), numismatist, historian and archaeologist, was the brother of Carlo Promis and father of Vincenzo Promis. Listed as one of the most illustrious Italian numismatists of the nineteenth century, he attracted the attention of Carlo Alberto from a very young age who bought his numismatic collection and appointed him curator of the renovated Royal Library. He held this position until his death and was the author of numerous publications that are still fundamental today.

    In excellent condition. Uncommon publication.

    Ottorino Murari. Veronese...


    Alberto Castaldini, Ottorino Murari. Veronese historian and numismatist of the twentieth century, Fiorini, Verona 2005, pp. 56, 24 tablets, 24 cm, br. and.

    Valid biography of the distinguished Veronese scholar enriched by numerous and beautiful images.

    New. Rare.

    First contribution for a...


    Giovanni Gorini, Elisabetta Chino, First contribution for a cognitive survey on the Italian numismatic collections, Polygraphic Institute and State Mint, State Library, Rome 2000, pp. 242-291, 30 cm.

    New one.

    Cappelli, Handbook of numismatics


    Remo Cappelli, Handbook of numismatics, U. Mursia Editore, Milan 1961, pp. 215, 32 tablets, 20 cm, binding in full canvas ed. with titles and decorations in gold on the spine, on the front plate and dust jacket.

    First edition of this twentieth century classic.

    Insignificant traces of use, otherwise in excellent condition.

    Bruno, Notional dictionary of...


    Mario Bruno, Notional dictionary of numismatics (mythology through money), Ettore Gasperini Editore, Cagliari 1983, pp. 75, 21 cm.

    In excellent condition. Extremely rare due to the small circulation.

    Bernardi, Numismatic bibliography


    Giulio Bernardi, Numismatic bibliography, fifth edition, Riva Artigrafiche, Trieste 1997, pp. VII, 201, cm 24, br. and.

    In perfect condition.

    A little history of the coin


    Small history of money, edited by Roberto Saccarello, Italian Numismatics Associated, slsa, pp. 11, ill., 21 cm.

    In excellent condition. Uncommon dossier.

    Taracchini, Goodbye, dear Lira


    Alfredo Taracchini, Goodbye, dear Lira. Illustrated history of the coin that has accompanied the life of our country for two hundred years, Banca del Monte di Foggia, Bologna 1999, pp. 237, richly illustrated, 31 cm, binding in all canvas ed. with gold titles on the spine, front plate and dust jacket.

    Insignificant traces of use on the dust jacket, otherwise in excellent condition.

    Grierson, Introduction to...


    Philip Grierson, Introduction to numismatics, Jouvence, Rome 1984, pp. 303, richly illustrated, 19 cm, imitation leather binding with titles and decorations in gold on the spine and on the front plate.

    Series: Guide, 15.

    Classic fundamental in a prestigious editorial look with leatherette binding, titles and threads in gold on the spine and editorial logo in gold on the front plate.

    In excellent condition.

    Grierson, Introduction to...


    Philip Grierson, Introduction to numismatics, Jouvence, Rome 1984, pp. 303, richly illustrated, 19 cm, br. and.

    Series: Guide, 15.

    A fundamental classic.

    Dust jacket missing, however in excellent condition.

    From the Roman Empire to the...


    From the Roman Empire to the Fascist Empire. Italian monetary and banking creations through the centuries, Banco di Roma, Rome 1940, pp. VII, 252, numerous plates reproducing coins, buildings, artistic representations and documents, cm 25, br. ed.Volume published by Banco di Roma on the occasion of the first Mostra delle Terre Italiane d'Oltremare (Naples, 1940).

    From the Index: Roman Italy; Ancient Italy from the city to the world empire; The Roman coin from the origins to the Constantinian reform; The credit and banking activity of the Roman world from its origins to the 4th century AD; Medieval Italy and its monetary and credit creations; From the sunset of Rome to the Italic rebirth in the late Middle Ages; The Italian monetary creations of the late Middle Ages; The Italian money trade in the late Middle Ages; The Italian priority of modern public debt and public banking systems (12th-17th centuries); Fascist Italy; Monetary and banking Italy from political unification to the postwar period (1861-1922); The monetary and credit policy of the fascist regime; The corporate element in the current Italian banking system; The Italian banking organization in Italian overseas lands and abroad; The work of the Banco di Roma in foreign and Italian overseas lands; Bibliography.

    Very slight traces of use otherwise in excellent condition.

    Cagiati, Numismatic collectors...


    Memmo Cagiati, Numismatic collectors and collections of coins and medals in Italy, Tip. La Vittoria A. Wirz & Figli, Naples 1925, pp. 107, 20 cm, br. and.

    Interesting publication that provides an insight into the Italian numismatic life of the early decades of the twentieth century.

    In excellent condition. Very rare original edition.