Promis, signed autograph letter,...


    Vincenzo Promis (1839-1889), signed autograph letter, int. dry Library of SM, Milan 9 October 1882, p. 1 writing on the front and back, 21 cm.

    In the letter the illustrious numismatist, historian and epigraphist Vincenzo Promis provides meticulous information to a collector about a medal submitted to him for examination. The scholar initially claims that he has never seen a similar medal in Turin, perhaps, he says, specimens of this type are found in Milan or Florence. He also claims to have consulted many works in search of information, including the Bolgenthal manual, but in vain. However, the identification of the medal was possible thanks to the interest of "an intelligent German numismatist" who, after studying it, was able to classify it and attribute it to the city of Vienna. After having fully answered the questions of his interlocutor in four points, Promis closes the letter by communicating the greetings of Antonio Manno (1834-1918), historian and senator of the Kingdom, his friend, with whom he made printed works.

    Of great interest. In perfect condition.

    Ambrosoli, signed autograph...


    Solone Ambrosoli (1851 -1906), signed autograph letter, int. Numismatic Cabinet of Brera, Milan 6 July 1889, p. 1 writing on the front and back, 21 cm.

    In the letter, the illustrious numismatist Solone Ambrosoli announces that he does not want to publish a study by the numismatist Amilcare Ancona (1839-1890) on Garibaldi's medals in the Italian numismatic magazine. The work of the Ancona “enters into militant politics, in a way that is undoubtedly generous, quite incompatible with the direction and needs of a scientific periodical. This does not in the least detract from the fact that the description of Garibaldi's medals may appear later in the Review, under an objective form, that is to say, preserving only, precisely, the descriptive part, and completely remaking the hat, which is the discordant part. with the intonation of the magazine ".

    Of great interest. Very good condition.

    Mayor of Cantalupo (Rieti),...


    Handwritten letter signed by the Mayor of Cantalupo in Sabina (Rieti) Gio. Battista Maniri, addressed to the district magistrate of Poggio Mirteto (Rieti), dated 5 April 1868, on the figure of Francesco Pomponi accused of being a counterfeit dealer. In the writing, Maniri communicates the information in his possession about the accused: "Alessandro Egidj told me that in November 1867 Pomponi, with the aforementioned emigrant, went to his house and wanted to send for a liter of wine a papal silver coin of 2 ½ lire to Filomena, his wife, who returned with the wine saying that the host Lucia Contì had not wanted the said coin as it seemed to her to be false, that Pomponi immediately took the coin back in his pocket, saying that 'they had given in Poggio Mirteto, and gave a silver paul to pay for the wine ”.

    Interesting testimony from the 19th century relating to investigations into the circulation of counterfeit coins in commercial exchanges. Four pages, two of which are written, two ink stamps of the Municipality of Cantalupo, a tear of 5 cm without losses, but overall excellent general conservation.

    Romussi, signed autograph...


    Carlo Romussi (1847-1913), signed autograph letter, int. The century. Gazzetta di Milano. Political Newspaper. Direction, Milan 14 January 1892, 4 sides of which 3 are written, 21 cm.

    In the letter, the journalist, politician and numismatist Carlo Romussi informs about the publication, in the newspaper Il Secolo, of an article on the numismatic work of which his interlocutor is the author. Romussi writes: “It was too good a fact to omit. Unfortunately, we journalists have to talk about so many bad things, starting with politics! And it is a relief to be able to present a fact that honors humanity ”. The work to which Romussi refers is most likely La Numismatica di Solone Ambrosoli published by Hoepli in 1891, therefore it can be reasonably hypothesized that the recipient of this letter is precisely the illustrious numismatist Ambrosoli. After having communicated the article, Romussi dwells extensively on coins and medals, informing the recipient that one of his numismatics writing will soon be published: "As you will see, I tried to give readers an idea of Milanese coins , alternating gold, silver, copper, noting the most characteristic coins ". In this article he claims to have mentioned “the year 268 for Gallienus, because it was that of his death in our city, and 313 for Constantine because it was the one of the famous precursor of civilization, of religious tolerance”.

    Overall in excellent condition, except for a small trace of adhesive tape removed on the third side, which does not cause missing or compromise the text. Letter of great interest.