Lazio and Sabina

Lazio and Sabina, edited by Giuseppina Ghini, Quasar Editions, Rome 2010, pp. 506, richly illustrated, cm 30 br. and.

Proceedings of the Conference of the Sixth Meeting of Studies on Lazio and Sabina, Rome, 4-6 March 2009.

At the top of the title page: Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Lazio.

The contribution of numismatic interest should be noted: M. Labate, Black-painted pottery and numismatic finds from the sanctuary of Trebula Mutuesca, some chronological clarifications. Other contributions: MF Rolfo, D. Mancini, L. Salari, A. Zarattini, The cave of “Mora Cavorso” in Jenne (Rome). New research; T. Mattioli, The rock paintings of the cave of the Arch of Bellegra (Bellegra, Rome); P. Pensabene, A. Ottati, New evidence of Doric architecture in Villa Adriana; R. Hidalgo, The so-called Greek Theater of Villa Adriana: issues of identification and interpretation; B. Adembri, GE Cinque, Technique and technology in the Edificio con Peschiera; C. Annunziata, The sculptures of the villas of Colle Nocello, Colle Vitriano and Chiesuola in the ager Tiburtinus; CH Steffensen, B. Tang, C. Trier, Preliminary report of the excavation campaigns of 2007-2008 in the Nomentum area (Mentana, Rome); S. Sgalambro, Trajan's Villa in Arcinazzo Romano: analysis of the planimetric scheme of the lower stalls; MG Granino Cecere, Canteens registered by Nomentum; F. Marino, The church of S. Giovanni del Castrum Statiani in Palombara Sabina; M. Rubini, P. Zaio, The site of the "marked" by God: Palombara Sabina; G. Alvino, Sabina and Cicolano: an update on research; G. Masci, The cities of the Sabines; A. Festuccia, C. Ranieri, Archaic aqueducts and drainage systems in the Ager curense; E. Giummarra, The Sambuco Bridge in Torricella in Sabina. Infrastructures and roads in the ancient age; F. Marzilli, Studies on Casperia; F. Santini, The “hunting companions”: from historical sources to the faunal finds of the villa dei Brutti Praesentes (Scandriglia, Rieti); F. Lezzi, Contribution to the knowledge of Crimes; MF Perotti, The villa cd. Torone near Rieti; F. Squadroni, The territory of Amatrice (Rieti): Roman epigraphs from a border area; R. Cascino, C. Filippone, Funeral kits from the necropolis of Falacrinae (Cittareale, Rieti); E. Farinetti, Cicolano Survey 2008. On the Roman landscape in the plain of Corvaro; V. d'Ercole, A. Martellone, The Sabine necropolis of Montereale (L'Aquila). Colli Albani and Tuscan area: S. Kay, S. Hay, The geophysical investigations conducted by the British School at Rome in Lazio: results and perspectives; E. D'Ambrosio, B. Giaccio, L. Lombardi, F. Marra, MF Rolfo, A. Sposato, The recent activity of the Albano eruptive center between science and myth: a critical analysis of the relationship between the Lazio volcano and the history of the Albanian area; A. De Angelis, F. Altamura, R. Monti, A. Pancotti, The Roman necropolis in Le Zite a Colonna; A. Betori, AL Fischetti, Archaeological finds in loc. Marcandreola in Ciampino (Rome); N. Terrenato, A. Gallone, JA Becker, S. Kay, Orthogonal Urbanism in Gabii. Results of the new geophysical prospecting and prospects for the future; S. Helas, Geophysical prospecting in Gabii: interpretations and perspectives for a study of the walls; A. D'Alessio, M. Di Lieto, M. Maiuro, A. Misiani, Archaeological evidence in the territory of Rocca di Papa (Rome): possible topographical themes and first project contents in support of urban planning tools; L. Attenni, Archaeological evidence in the municipal area of Lanuvio (Rome); etc.

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