Droz, Science of riches

Giuseppe Droz, Political Economy or Science of Wealth. Italian version by Giuseppe Sanfilippo, Stamperia di GB Lorsnaider, Palermo 1853, pp. 260, 19 cm, beautiful coeval half parchment binding, marbled paper plates, gold friezes and fillets on the back, artistically sprayed blue cuts.

The volume deals with various topics, including: the purpose of the economy, money, cards that supply money, wealth, value, prices, production, different kinds of commerce, customs, rents, etc. . Joseph Francois Xavier Droz (1773-1850), an eclectic thinker originally from Besancon, also devoted himself to the study of philosophy and history, carving out a prominent role in the cultural landscape of France at the time. Droz condemned the revolutionary excesses and hoped for a renewal of society, in the relationship with individuals, based on a clearer distinction between rights and duties.

Old signs of extinct woodworm that do not compromise the legibility of the text, traces of use to the binding, however solid, and lack of the dowel on the spine, however the work is still usable.


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