Protection of cultural heritage,...


    The protection of cultural heritage, juridical-operational aspects, Rome 2007, pp. 105, 29 cm, br. and.

    Supplement to n. 48-49 of the Numismatics Bulletin.

    Proceedings of the Conference: Rome judicial city, Aula Magna of the Court of Appeal, 8 March 2007.

    In excellent condition.

    Illicit trafficking of the...


    Illicit trafficking of the archaeological heritage. Internationalization of the phenomenon and problems of contrast, Rome 2002, pp. 500, 29 cm, br. and.

    Supplement to n. 38 of the Numismatics Bulletin.

    Proceedings of the 7th International Conference, Rome 25-28 June 2001.

    In excellent condition.

    Illicit circulation of works of...


    Illicit circulation of works of art. Principle of good faith, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Rome 2001, pp. 420, 29 cm, br. and.

    Supplement to n. 36 of the Numismatics Bulletin.

    Proceedings of the 6th International Conference, Rome 12-16 June 2000.

    In excellent condition.

    Illicit circulation of works of art


    Illicit circulation of works of art, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Rome 2000, pp. 296, cm 29, cart. and.

    Supplement to n. 34-35 of the Numismatics Bulletin.

    Proceedings of the 5th International Conference, 1999.

    From the Summary: BEATRICE FABBRETTI, Legambiente for the prevention and reporting of traffic in archaeological finds from clandestine excavations; MARCELLO PACINI, The most recent legislative interventions in the cultural heritage sector. In conclusion: SERGIO SIRACUSA, Commander General of the Carabinieri; GIAMPAOLO D'ANDREA, Undersecretary of State of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities.

    In excellent condition.

    Magnaguti, In the claws of black...


    Alessandro Magnaguti, Among the claws of black beasts, Tip. of the Seminary, Padua 1946, pp. 152, 22 cm, br. and.

    Autobiography of the famous Mantuan numismatist Count Alessandro Magnaguti (1887-1966).

    Work embellished with a long autograph dedication by the author, dated 8 August 1946, to Donna Paola Zancani Montuoro (1901-1987), illustrious archaeologist and pupil of the numismatist Giulio Emanuele Rizzo.

    Minimal traces of use on the paperback, otherwise in good condition.

    Extremely rare.

    Cavedoni, Archaeological...


    Celestino Cavedoni, Archaeological historical report of two ancient Christian cemeteries in the city of Chiusi, for the Heirs Soliani Tipografi Reali, Modena 1853, pp. 99, 23 cm, br. coeval mute.

    Monograph of historical and archaeological interest by the illustrious numismatist Mons. Celestino Cavedoni.

    Signs of time and minimal blooms, otherwise intact and in excellent condition.

    Extremely rare.

    The Bank of Italy, 100 years...


    The Bank of Italy, 100 years old. 1893-1993. With a presentation by Antonio Fazio and an introductory essay by Sergio Romano, Edizioni dell'Elefante, Venice 1993, pp. X, 140, richly illustrated, 88 tablets. in color, 29 cm, elegant editorial binding throughout the canvas, with titles and embossed decorations on the spine and on the front plate, dust jacket and slipcase.

    New one.

    Marchese, The Italian military...


    Giuseppe Marchese, The Italian military post 1939-1945. Postal stamps, fourth edition, Italian Association of Military Mail Collectors and Postal History, Rimini 2011, pp. IX, 404, richly illustrated, 24 cm, br. and.

    In perfect condition.

    Tower, Vittorio Emanuele III


    Mariano Torre, Vittorio Emanuele III twenty-fourth Duke of Savoy third King of Italy and the First World War, sn, slsa, pp. 181, richly illustrated, 24 cm, br. and.

    Royal family necklace.

    An interesting and very rare biography of the numismatic king.

    In excellent condition.

    Progressive balance of the...


    Progressive return of the coin of ancient minting with the current papal lira from quattrino to hundred thousand scudi and from one hundredth of a lira to one hundred thousand lira. For any accounting operation with the addition of the calculation from one to one hundred for the coins from 2 to 20 lire and a table representing the interest on money at 6 per cent, Leonardo Olivieri Editore Tipografo, Rome 1868, pp. IV, 208, 20, 1 pl. folded. with Table of interest at 6 per 100 calculated by days and by months, 19 cm, br. and. protected by coeval blank paper. Extinct library pencil placement signature on the title page, insignificant lack in the lower right margin of the first two leaves, minimal traces of use, otherwise in more than good condition.

    Very rare.

    The Roman Daunia: city and...


    National conference on prehistory, protohistory, history of Daunia. San Severo 6-8 December 1996. The Roman Daunia: city and territory from the Romanization to the Imperial Age. Proceedings, edited by Armando Gravina, Archeoclub d'Italia, San Severo 1999, pp. 461, richly illustrated, 24 cm, br. and.

    The volume includes interesting contributions including: P. Principe, Teanum Apulum in the Second Punic War: the numismatic documentation.

    Other present works: M. Silvestrini, Aecae, Luceria, Arpi: notes on the “gentes” of the three Roman centers of the Celone valley; A. Gravina, Some rural settlements between lower Fortore and southern Gargano. Topography notes; J. Mertens, Notes for the topography of Bovino in Roman times; M. Corrente, Canosa: the Town Hall; L. Di Cosmo, Cases of reuse in the church of Santa Maggiore di Siponto; R. Compatangelo Soussignan, Centuriation without settlers? The case of Canosa in the framework of the royal Apulia et Calabria; L. Pietropaolo, Roman ceramics in Daunia between Romanization and the Late Antiquity. Notes on production and dissemination; L. Notarangelo, Diomede in Turi and Metaponto: for a rereading of schol. to Pind. Nem. X 12; F. Grelle, Settlement forms, territorial planning and municipal organization in the Celone district; J. Mertens, Herdonia, Roman city of Daunia; F. Hilgert, The mosaic floors of the monumental complex of San Giusto (Lucera): preliminary report; L. Marchi, The Venosian district: documents for a Romanization process; E. Casteels, The town hall of Teanum Apulum; O. Dally, The sanctuary in San Leucio di Canosa di Puglia; F. D'Aloia, Imported tableware from late antiquity archaeological contexts from the villa of Agnuli in Mattinata; M. Mazzei, Introduction to the Conference; G. Legrottaglie, The portraiture of the Roman age in Lucera; L. Casavola, The amphorae of the Roman villa of Agnuli (Mattinata-Foggia); M. Mazzei, Lucera; AG Blundo, Roman funerary monuments in Daunia; G. Volpe, For a history of the agricultural landscapes of Roman Daunia; G. Volpe, Ports, routes and trade in the Roman Daunia; M. Chelotti, General picture of imperial property in northern Apulia; MG De Fino, Recent epigraphic acquisitions from Orsara di Puglia (Foggia). Notes for a history of the territory; G. De Felice, Recent excavations at the Roman bridge over the Carapelle (Ordona, FG); M. Mazzei, Siponto: the Colony; L. Todisco, On some ideal types in the statuary of the imperial age in Daunia.

    Slight traces of use on the paperback, otherwise in more than good condition.

    Frederick II. Image and power


    Frederick II. Image and power, edited by Maria Stella Calò Mariani and Raffaella Cassano, Marsilio, Venice 1995, pp. XXXI, 603, richly illustrated, 29 cm, br. and.

    Catalog of the exhibition held in Bari at the Swabian Castle from 4 February to 17 April 1995, as part of the celebrations for the eighth centenary of the birth of Frederick II. Powerful volume full of images and scientific contributions.

    Note the presence of the contribution of Michele Pannuti, The coinage of Frederick II of Swabia in southern Italy and Sicily. From the Index: Maria Stella Calò Mariani, Introduction - The historical and geographical horizon of the Kingdom of Sicily (JM Martin, Diversity and unity of the kingdom - CD Fonseca, Federico II and the ecclesiastical institutions of the kingdom - A. Burruso, Federico II and the Arab-Islamic cultural tradition - P. Corsi, The Byzantine world - F. Cardini, Frederick II's crusade - D. Jacoby, The overseas imperial dimension: Frederick II, Cyprus and the Kingdom of Jerusalem) - The image of the sovereign (MS Calò Mariani, Image and power - R. Elze, The symbolism of power in the age of Frederick II - F. Cardini, The imperial eagle - E. Castelnuovo, The face of Federico - PC Claussen, Creation and destruction of image of Frederick II in the history of art. What remains?) - The court (MS Calò Mariani, The art and the court - C. Bertelli, The Veroli cross of the Cistercian abbey of Casamari - P. Moliterni, Legere scribere et cantare sciebat et cantilenas at cantiones invedere. Music and dance at the time of Frederick II - H. Toubert, Frederick's miniature from the court to the city - ME Avagnina, An unpublished fresco of a courteous subject in Bassano del Grappa: Federico II and the court of the da Romano - F. Zuliani, The frescoes of the abbey palace of San Zeno in Verona - R. Poso, Diffusion of shamites, jasper and embroidery in the thirteenth century - F. Magistrale, Latin and Greek written culture: books, documents, inscriptions - P. Morpurgo, Federico II and nature - A. Paravicini Bagliani, Federico II and the cura corporis - G. Orofino, The scientific codes) - The Kingdom (MS Calò Mariani, State yards and ecclesiastical yards - F. Zezza, The materials of Frederick's architecture in Puglia - MS Calò Mariani, The contribution of archeology. Castel Fiorentino - P. Beck, The imperial domus of Fiorentino in Capitanata - F. Piponnier, The medieval house in Fiorentino - CAM Laganara Fabiano, The ceramics in the site of Fiorentino - A. Busto, AM Melilli, The metal and glass finds in Fiorentino - J. Mertens, The castellum of Ordona - T. Springer, S. Fulloni, The Benedictine complex of the Holy Trinity on Monte Sacro, Gargano - B. Haas, The vitreous finds from the excavation campaign: 1989 and 1990 in the Benedictine abbey of Holy Trinity on Monte Sacro - U. Kindermann, Abbot Gregorio di Montesacro as an exponent of the spiritual-Latin culture in Swabian Puglia - S. Patitucci Uggeri, Ceramics in Brindisi in the Frederick era - R. Di Paola, For the knowledge of Swabian architecture in Puglia. The contribution of the restorations - Fulvio Resta, The portal of the palace of Foggia - N. Tomaiuoli, The palatium of Lucera - M. Benedettelli, The castle of Bari - M. Milella, The archaeological investigations inside the castle of Bari - D. Ciminale, The excavation in the east wing of the castle of Bari (July-November 1991) - A. Lorusso Bolettieri, The sculptural decoration of the castle of Bari - M. Pasquale, The castle of Trani - M. Benedettelli, The castle of Barletta - G. Fuzio, A. Simonetti, The castle of Monte Sant'Angelo - M. Benedettelli, The castle of Gravina - G. Matitecchia, The castle of Brindisi - A. Pepe, M. Civita, The cathedral of Altamura - W. Schirmer , Castel del Monte: observations on the building - D. Sack, Castel del Monte and the East - MS Calò Mariani, Castel del Monte. The ornamental dress - G. De Tommasi, Castel del Monte: the restorations and the image - A. Pepe, Swabian settlements in Terra d'Otranto - B. Vetere, Federico and Salento - L. Santoro, Swabian settlements in Campania - MP Di Dario Guida, Calabria federiciana - MS Calò Mariani, The space of idleness and celebration - P. Mane, The Opus ruralium commodorum by Pietro de 'Crescenzi - H. Bresc, The gardens of Palermo - B. Van den Abeele, Frederick II falconer: the destiny of De arti venandi cum avibus - MS Calò Mariani, The ornamentation and the furniture - Id., The capital with angular heads in the Diocesan Museum of Troia - L. Castelnuovo-Tedesco, The capital and the head of a woman from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York - MS Calò Mariani, The Swabian inheritance - D. Aquilano, Stucchi from the former Augustinian convent of Vasto - ML Christian texts, Tuscany from Federico II puer Apuliae to Nicola de Apuliae - Id., Tuscany and Nicola Pisanus - F. Tateo, Finds and memories of Frederick II in Italian literature - F. C ardini, Federico II. Memory and Myth) - Catalog of works - Bibliography, edited by Marcella Chelotti.

    Minimal traces of use on the paperback, otherwise in more than good condition.

    Taras, Journal of archeology, n....


    Taras. Archeology magazine, National History Society for Puglia, Bari, n. XXIX-XXX, 2009-2010, pp. 208, richly illustrated, 29 cm, br. and.

    Much of the magazine is dedicated to the contribution of Giuseppe Libero Mangieri, The Ribezzi numismatic collection, with a catalog illustrating 252 ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary coins.

    Very slight traces of use, otherwise in excellent condition.

    Taras, Journal of archeology, n....


    Taras. Archeology magazine, National History Society for Puglia, Bari, n. XXVI, 2006, pp. 88, richly illustrated, 29 cm, br. and.

    Much of the magazine is dedicated to the contribution of T. Montesardo, Treasure of Roman coins of the Republican age found in 1936 in Avetrana (Taranto), with 100 copies reproduced.

    Very slight traces of use, otherwise in excellent condition.

    Muro Leccese. Discovering a...


    Muro Leccese. Discovering a medieval land. A city, its people, its roots, edited by Paul Arthur, Brunella Bruno, Mauro Congedo Editore, Maglie 2007, pp. 91, richly illustrated, 28 cm, br. and.

    Among the various contributions present: Giuseppe Libero Mangieri, Medagliere. The treasure of Muro Leccese.

    In perfect condition.

    Excavations at Otranto, vol. II,...


    Excavations at Otranto, vol. II, The finds, edited by Francesco D'Andria, David Whitehouse, Congedo Editore, Galatina 1992, pp. 369, richly illustrated, 29 cm, br. and. with dust jacket.

    Series of the Department of Sciences of Antiquity. Historical-archaeological sector. University of Lecce, 6. Among the various contributions present is the study by Adriana Travaglini dedicated to coins. Other writings: Introduction, David Wilkinson; Pre-Roman ceramics, Grazia Semeraro; African and micro-Asian ceramics, Maria Teresa Giannotta; Common pre-Roman and Roman pottery, Grazia Semeraro; The oil lamps of the Roman age, Maria Teresa Giannotta; Medieval Domestic Pottery, Helen Pattersona, David Whitehouse; Aphorae for Bulk Transport, Paul Arthur; Roman and medieval glass, Maria Teresa Giannotta; The Small Objects, Martin Hicks, Alison Hicks; The Animal Bones: A Preliminary Assessment of the Stock Economy, Judith Cartledge, Gillian Clark, Valerie Higgins; The Avifauna, Sheila Sutherland; The Fish Remains, Andrew KG Jones, The Marine and Fresh-water Shells, David Reese.

    Small signature of possession on the title page.

    Very slight traces of use, otherwise in excellent condition.