Cibrario, Promis, Documents,...


    Luigi Cibrario, Domenico Casimiro Promis, Documents, seals and coins belonging to the history of the Savoy monarchy collected in Savoy in Switzerland and in France by order of King Carlo Alberto, from the Royal Printing House, Turin 1833, 121, 389, in the front door 1 pl. beautifully engraved in copper and covered with tissue paper, cm 23, br. and. protected by br. coeval wetsuit.

    Work embellished with an autograph dedication by Promis to the editorial paperback.

    This monograph was published by the will of the director after the literary journey carried out in 1832 by the two scholars in Savoy, Switzerland and France, in search of ancient monuments, in the fields of sphragistics and Savoy numismatics between the 10th and 14th centuries, with patient historical investigations. and archival. Domenico Promis at the time held the role of Conservator of the Savoyard medal collection, while the Cibrario was definitively establishing himself as a historian and medievalist. The publication, which appeared in a non-venal edition for the types of the Royal Printing House, bears witness to the attention and interest in the historical studies of Carlo Alberto.

    Lossless tear on the editorial paperback, for the rest volume in excellent condition and in beards.

    Very rare.

    Mantua sfragistica


    Giuseppe Margini, Sergio Baiocchi, Mantuan Sfragistica. Weaving monetary weights, seals, decorations and leads from the time of the Gonzaga lords of Mantua, Numismatic Editions Grigoli, Mantua 1985, pp. 108, richly illustrated, 24 cm, br. and.

    Volume printed in 500 numbered copies, this is n. 382.

    Work embellished with an autograph dedication by Margini on the first page.

    Elegant ex libris to the last card.

    In excellent condition. Rare.

    Curiosities and essays on...


    Curiosities and essays on numismatics, Turin numismatic circle, Turin 1952, pp. 87, richly illustrated, 25 cm, br. and.

    The text includes interesting contributions from ancient, medieval and modern numismatics, medals and sphragistics, signed by Angelo Dragone, Mario Cattaneo, Lodovico Laffranchi, Edoardo Cassina, Ubaldo Meroni, Eugenio Barrera, Enzo Pellegrino, etc.

    Volume published in 330 numbered, stamped and signed copies; this is n. 128.

    Elegant ex libris to the last card.

    In excellent condition. Very rare.

    The mint of the Pico house....


    The mint of the Pico house. Mirandolese stamps and engravings. Medals, edited by Vilmo Cappi, Editrice Cooperativa Tipografi, Modena 1963, pp. 64, 10 plates, 25 cm, br. and.

    Catalog of the permanent exhibition that marked the birth of the Mirandola Civic Museum. The text, which is not limited to the mere listing of the material on display, but presents the characteristics of an essay, is divided into the following sections: La zecca della Mirandola, Stamps and seals, Branches and engravings, Medals. Interesting and very rare publication.