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    Sambon, Les monnaies antiques de...


    Arthur Sambon, Les monnaies antiques de l'Italie. Etrurie, Ombrie, Picenum, Samnium, Campanie (Cumes et Naples), Forni Editore, Bologna 1969, pp. 467, 5 plates, 25 cm, br. and.

    Anastatic reprint of the 1903 Paris edition.

    In perfect condition.

    Piccozzi, The Roman imperial...


    Vittorio Piccozzi, The Roman imperial coinage. Monetary systems, mints, chronological, genealogical, iconographic tables, P. & P. Santamaria, Rome 1966, pp. 152, richly illustrated, 9 tablets, 27 cm, binding in all canvas ed. with titles in red on the spine and on the front plate.

    Traces of use to the binding and to the first and last guard paper, otherwise in excellent condition.

    Barbaran, Roman coins of the...


    Domenico Barbaran, Roman coins of the high empire in bronze of the first and second module, Tip. Foundry and Prem. Stereotype of the Seminary, Padua 1872, pp. XVI with dedication to Nicolò Bottacin, 168, 2 unusual and splendid plates. of coins with 16 original albumen photographs applied within an elegant frame, 25 cm, br. and. with titles in black within a frame on the front plate.

    Edition of 100 copies.

    Slight blooms, the rest volume partially intact and in excellent condition.

    Extremely rare work.

    Barbaran, Roman Etruscan Italic...


    Domenico Barbaran, Roman Etruscan Italic Axes in bronze. Consular coins in bronze and silver, Tipografia del Seminario, Padua 1877, pp. XXVIII with dedication to Count Luigi Camerini and decorated drop cap, 100, 2 beautiful tablets. reproducing coins made by the Fracanzani Lithography of Padua, 25 cm, br. and. with titles in black within a frame on the front plate.

    Edition of 100 copies.

    Small extinct library stamp on the title page.

    Blooms on the first guard card, otherwise in excellent condition.

    Extremely rare work.

    Arslan, The coin of ancient Sicily


    Ermanno A. Arslan, The coin of ancient Sicily. Catalog of the civic numismatic collections of Milan, Municipality of Milan - Culture and entertainment division, Milan 1976, pp. XXIII, 68, 52 plates, 24 cm, br. and.

    Exhibition catalog: October-December 1976.

    Slight traces of use on the paperback, otherwise in excellent condition.

    Gold Coins of the World from...


    Gold Coins of the World from ancient times to the present, 8th edition, Coin & Currency Institute, 2009, pp. 766, richly illustrated, 28 cm, card. and.

    Insignificant traces of use on the first cards, otherwise in perfect condition.

    The currency in Rome and Italy,...


    Silvana Balbi de Caro, Money in Rome and Italy. Presentation by Antonio Fazio, 3 vols. + 1 fasc. for presentation, Bank of Italy, Rome 1993, pp. 737 overall, richly illustrated in color with beautiful images, 32 cm, binding in all canvas ed., Silver stamped titles, dust jacket and slipcase.

    Volume I: Rome and money, pp. 239.

    Volume II: Coins and peoples in Italy in the Middle Ages, pp. 239.

    Volume III: Principles and coins in modern Italy, pp. 239.

    Presentation booklet: Money in Rome and Italy, pp. 20.

    Slight halo on the casket, otherwise volumes in excellent condition.

    Catalli, Coins of ancient Italy


    Fiorenzo Catalli, Coins of ancient Italy, Polygraphic Institute and State Mint, State Library, Rome 1995, pp. V, 165, illustrated in color, 51 tablets, 27 cm, canvas ed. with back titles, to the front plate. and dust jacket.

    In perfect condition. Rare.

    Raoul-Rochette, Letter to M. le...


    M. Raoul-Rochette, Letter to M. le duc de Luynes sur le graveurs des monnaies greques, Impr. Royale, Paris 1831, pp. 49, 4 tablets in wonderfully engraved woodcut, 32 cm, elegant br. and.

    Very slight browning of the backing papers, otherwise intact and in excellent condition.

    Extremely rare.

    The mint and coins of Milan,...


    The mint and coins of Milan, edited by Maila Chiaravalle, Mazzotta, Milan 1983, pp. 342, richly illustrated, 32 cm, cart. and.

    Catalog of the exhibition held in Milan in 1983 and organized by the Civic numismatic collections.

    In perfect condition.

    Santarelli, One of the oldest...


    Antonio Santarelli, Of the oldest and rarest coins existing in the city museum of Forlì, Democratic Typography, Forlì 1876, pp. 164, cm 24, br. and.

    The lawyer Antonio Santarelli was a member of the Government Commission of Fine Arts, Royal Inspector of excavations and monuments, director of the Pinacoteca and Civic Museums of Forlì. He carried out numerous excavations in the surroundings of Forlì, Villanova, Vecchiazzano and in other places. We owe him the foundation of the first nucleus of what is today the National Archaeological Museum of Sarsina. The Civic Archaeological Museum of Forlì is named after Antonio Santarelli, whose very foundation is due to his work. In this volume, Santarelli describes the ancient, medieval, modern coins and the medieval, modern and pontifical medals preserved in the city museum of Forlì.

    In excellent condition. Extremely rare.

    Segrè, Monetary circulation and...


    Angelo Segrè, Monetary circulation and prices in the ancient world and in particular in Egypt, Libreria di cultura, Rome 1922, pp. 173, 24 cm, br. and.

    Slight signs of aging, otherwise the volume is intact and in excellent condition. Very rare.

    Minì, Ancient bronze coins of...


    Adolfo Minì, Ancient bronze coins of the Syracuse mint, Cassa di Risparmio VE for the Sicilian Provinces, Novara 1977, pp. 191, richly illustrated bn and col., 31 cm, binding on the entire editorial canvas with titles in gold on the spine and on the front plate, dust jacket and case.

    Minimal traces of use on the dust jacket, otherwise in perfect condition.

    Mazzini, Roman imperial coins, 5...


    G. Mazzini, Roman imperial coins, 5 volumes, Mario Ratto Editore, Milan 1957-1958, pp. 1782 overall, 531 tables total, 27 cm, binding ed. in all canvas with titles and threads in gold on the back, upper cut sprayed in gold.

    Volume I: from Pompey the Great to Domitia, pp. XX, 277, 98 pl.

    Volume II: from Nerva to Crispina, pp. XII, 410, 149 tablets

    Volume III: from Pertinax to Philip the son, pp. X, 332, 102 pl.

    Volume IV: from Pacaziano to Valeria, pp. XVI, 366, 102 tablets

    Volume V: from Severus II to Romulus Augustulus - Tesserae - Contoured, pp. XI, 328, 80 tablets

    Edition of 500 numbered copies.

    The volumes present the most sumptuous private collection of Roman coins ever established, comprising 8,051 specimens, including 1,261 gold coins and 1,641 large bronzes, most of them exceptional in terms of rarity and state of conservation, all reproduced in detail in the splendid tables.

    Work in an exceptional state of conservation. Very rare.

    Cohen, Description historique...


    Henry Cohen, Description historique des monnaies frappees sous l'Empire romain, voll. II, V, VI, Arnaldo Forni Editore, Bologna 1970, pp. 1561 overall, richly illustrated, 22 cm, binding on the entire editorial canvas with gold titles on the spine.

    Anastatic reprint of the Rollin & Feuardent edition, Paris 1882-86.

    The lot includes the following volumes:

    Volume II: pp. 446, ill.

    Volume V: pp. 545, ill.

    Volume VI: pp. 570, ill.

    In excellent condition.



    Franco Mucelli, Legions, Nummus et Ars, Mestre 1998, pp. 95, richly illustrated, 24 cm, br. and.

    In excellent condition.