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    Muntoni, The coins of the popes...


    Francesco Muntoni, The coins of the popes and papal states, 4 volumes, P. & P. Santamaria, Rome 1972-1974, first edition, pp. 1249 overall, ill., 224 plates, 31 cm, imitation leather ed. with titles and decorations in gold on the back and on the front plate.

    Volume I: pp. XLVIII, 240, 45 plates

    Volume II: pp. 288, 46-104 pl.

    Volume III: pp. 308, 105-172 tablets

    Volume IV: pp. 365, 173-224.

    Fundamental work for the study of the examined coins.

    Insignificant signs of aging, however the work is in excellent condition.

    Very rare.

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    Perini, The coins of Verona


    Quintilio Perini, The coins of Verona, Ugo Grandi & C. Editori, Rovereto 1902, pp. 110, richly illustrated, 28 cm, beautiful and solid coeval binding in half canvas with plates in splendid green peacock tail paper, preserved the paperback ed.

    Edition of 300 numbered copies, this is n. 88.

    Elegant numismatic ex libris on the front counterplate, small stamp of ownership on the front cover.

    Overall in excellent condition.

    Very rare original edition.

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    Simonetti, Medieval and modern...


    Luigi Simonetti, Medieval and modern Italian coins. House of Savoy, 3 vols., Poggiali Typography, Ravenna 1967-1969, pp. 1308 overall, richly illustrated in black and white, 25 cm, splendid binding in all green leather with titles and decorations on the spine and on the plates.

    Volume I, From Oddone Conte (1056) to Carlo Emanuele I Duca (1630), 1967, pp. 485.

    Volume II, From Vittorio Amedeo I (1630) to Vittorio Emanuele I (1821), 1968, pp. 386.

    Volume III, From Vittorio Emanuele II (1861) to Vittorio Emanuele III (1946). Coinage abroad. Coin Weights, 1969, pp. 437.

    Work embellished by the author's autograph dedication to an illustrious numismatist.

    In perfect condition.

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    Ravegnani Morosini, Lordships...


    Mario Ravegnani Morosini, Lordships and principalities. Italian coins with portrait 1450-1796, Maggioli Editore, Republic of San Marino 1984, pp. 1251 overall, richly illustrated, 35 cm, binding in all canvas ed. with titles and decorations on the spine and on the front plate.

    Edition of 1000 numbered copies, this is number 90.

    Reference work for the study of the examined coins.

    In excellent condition.

    Biaggi, Eight centuries of the...


    Elio Biaggi, Eight centuries of history of Savoyard coins, vol. I, The Counts and Dukes of the Middle Ages from Odo to Filiberto II. Sec. XI-1504, Il Centauro Editions, Turin 1993, pp. XXIV, 416, richly illustrated, 35 cm, beautiful binding in cart. and. with gold titles on the back and on the front plate, embossed decorations on the plates within a gold frame, peacock tail paper gazes, slipcase ed.

    In perfect condition.

    Biaggi, Italian medieval coins...


    Elio Biaggi, Italian medieval coins and mints from the century VIII to the century. XV, Montenegro sas Numismatic editions of Eupremio Montenegro, Turin 1992, pp. LIV, 526, richly illustrated, 25 cm, cart. and.

    Very slight traces of use on the paperback, otherwise in excellent condition.

    Very rare.

    Sambon, General repertory of...


    Giulio Sambon, General repertory of coins minted in Italy and by Italians abroad from the 5th to the 20th century. Period from 476 to 1266. Edition of 300 numbered copies with 13 original plates plus 10 unpublished plates, Giorgio Apparuti Editore, Modena 1975, pp. XVI, 206 with a fine portrait of Sambon on the front door, richly illustrated, 3 pls. of monograms + 23 plates of coins, 32 cm, br. and.

    Anastatic reprint of 300 numbered copies from the Paris 1912 edition, this is no. 118.

    In excellent condition.

    The mint and coins of Perugia


    Angelo Finetti, The mint and coins of Perugia in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Volumnia Editrice, Perugia 1997, pp. 237, richly illustrated, 32 cm, binding in the whole canvas ed. with titles and decorations in gold on the spine, on the front plate and dust jacket.

    In excellent condition.

    Italian gold coins. Catalog of...


    Italian gold coins. Catalog of coins issued from 1252 to 1945 with degrees of rarity and public sales awards, edited by Lorenzo Bellesia, 2 vols., Nomisma, Serravalle 2002, pp. 616 overall, richly illustrated, 30 cm, cart. and. with titles on the spine and on the front plate, dust jacket and slipcase.

    Volume I: Ancona-Novellara, pp. 320.

    Volume II: Padua-Verona-Savoy, pp. 296.

    Important work for scholars and collectors. It shows the Italian gold coins with the awards of the international auctions of over a century.

    Insignificant traces of use on the first cards of vol. II, otherwise in excellent condition.

    Gold Coins of the World from...


    Gold Coins of the World from ancient times to the present, 8th edition, Coin & Currency Institute, 2009, pp. 766, richly illustrated, 28 cm, card. and.

    Insignificant traces of use on the first cards, otherwise in perfect condition.

    The currency in Rome and Italy,...


    Silvana Balbi de Caro, Money in Rome and Italy. Presentation by Antonio Fazio, 3 vols. + 1 fasc. for presentation, Bank of Italy, Rome 1993, pp. 737 overall, richly illustrated in color with beautiful images, 32 cm, binding in all canvas ed., Silver stamped titles, dust jacket and slipcase.

    Volume I: Rome and money, pp. 239.

    Volume II: Coins and peoples in Italy in the Middle Ages, pp. 239.

    Volume III: Principles and coins in modern Italy, pp. 239.

    Presentation booklet: Money in Rome and Italy, pp. 20.

    Slight halo on the casket, otherwise volumes in excellent condition.

    Travaini, Coinage in Norman...


    Lucia Travaini, Coinage in Norman Italy, Italian Historical Institute for the Middle Ages, Rome 1995, pp. VIII, 487, richly illustrated, 25 plates, 26 cm, br. and.

    Series: New Historical Studies, 28.

    Scientific reference text for the study and classification of Norman coins minted in southern Italy.

    Intact and in excellent condition.

    Very rare first edition.

    Lenzi, The coins of Pisa


    Luciano Lenzi, The coins of Pisa. Numismatic and historical notes around an unpublished manuscript of an anonymous numismatist of the eighteenth century. Part one. From the origins of the mint (7th century) to gold coins in the name of Frederick II (14th century), Tipografia Comunale, Pisa 1973, pp. 259, 38, richly illustrated, 28 cm, br. and.

    Slight traces of use on the paperback, interior in excellent condition.

    Extremely rare.

    The mint and coins of Milan,...


    The mint and coins of Milan, edited by Maila Chiaravalle, Mazzotta, Milan 1983, pp. 342, richly illustrated, 32 cm, cart. and.

    Catalog of the exhibition held in Milan in 1983 and organized by the Civic numismatic collections.

    In perfect condition.

    Giovanni Bovi and Luisa...


    Prince Gaetano Filangieri Museum, Giovanni Bovi and Luisa Mastroianni Coin Collection Catalog, Naples, Southern Minor Mints, Sicily, 2 vols., Elisa Velardi Editrice, Naples 1988, pp. XXVIII with two portraits covered with tissue paper, 1123, richly illustrated, 34 cm, binding in all canvas ed. with gold titles on the back and on the front plate, dust jacket and protection in acetate, slipcase ed.

    Copy n. 1 of this numbered edition of great importance for the study of the coins of southern Italy and Sicily.

    Minimal traces of use on the box, otherwise in perfect condition. Rare editorial relic.

    Santarelli, One of the oldest...


    Antonio Santarelli, Of the oldest and rarest coins existing in the city museum of Forlì, Democratic Typography, Forlì 1876, pp. 164, cm 24, br. and.

    The lawyer Antonio Santarelli was a member of the Government Commission of Fine Arts, Royal Inspector of excavations and monuments, director of the Pinacoteca and Civic Museums of Forlì. He carried out numerous excavations in the surroundings of Forlì, Villanova, Vecchiazzano and in other places. We owe him the foundation of the first nucleus of what is today the National Archaeological Museum of Sarsina. The Civic Archaeological Museum of Forlì is named after Antonio Santarelli, whose very foundation is due to his work. In this volume, Santarelli describes the ancient, medieval, modern coins and the medieval, modern and pontifical medals preserved in the city museum of Forlì.

    In excellent condition. Extremely rare.