Venice and its lagoons, 4 parts in 3 volumes

Venice and its lagoons, 4 parts in 3 volumes, in the IR privil. stab. Antonelli, Venice 1847, pp. 2242 overall, 23 tablets of which 3 folds, 28 cm, precious coeval binding in Moroccan middle with nerves, titles in gold on the back and sprinkled cuts.

Volume I: Volume I, Part I, pp. 367. Linked with: Volume I, Part II, pp. 500, 4 splendid tables. reproducing coins, 1 pl. geogr. folded. Linked with: Appendices, pp. 107, 1 large plate. geogr. folded.

Volume II: Volume II, Part I, pp. 594.

Volume III: Volume II, Part II, pp. 516, 16 splendid plates, 1 large plate geogr. folded. Linked with: Appendices, pp. 158.

I compose the volumes with the following monographs: Sagredo, Civil and political history; Zinelli, Ecclesiastical News; Manin, Venetian jurisprudence; Calucci, Finance; Zon, Mint and coins; Casoni, Military Forces; Lazzari, Travelers and Navigators; Zanotto, Painting; Sagredo, Architecture, sculpture and chalcography; Carrer, Literature and dialect; Canal, Music; Cicogna, The noble families; Cadorin, Magistrates; Veludo, Eastern Greek colony; Wittche, evangelical community of Augustan confession of Protestants; Lattes, Jewish community; Foscolo, News of the Lagoon; Zanardini, Flora; Nardo, Marine fauna; Contarini, Terrestrial fauna; Namias, Climate and Public Health; Arrigoni, Public health measures; Sagredo, Civil and military status; Arrigoni, Institutes of scholastic and moral education; Veludo, Academies, libraries, scientific collections, medals, printers and newspapers; Tomasoni, Public Aid; Tomasoni, Free port, industry, trade; Locatelli, Parties, shows and substitutes; Zanotto, Description of the city; Carrer, Isole and Chioggia; Cadorin, Public and private archives; the work closes with a large section dedicated to the Venetian bibliography. For the realization of this powerful work the best specialists of the time collaborated for each subject treated, thus providing a vast panorama of the social, economic, cultural, scientific and political life of Venice on the eve of the uprisings of 1848-49.

The table folded geographical area of the Appendices to vol. I is linked to the end of vol. II, p. II. Membership stamp on the reverse of the title pages, dry embossed on tables and post plates. Ex libris superimposed with old library deletion stamp. Ligatures with very slight traces of use, volume II has the upper cap removed, however on the whole it is a complete work of all its parts, in excellent condition, with fresh and marginal paper.


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