Dessì, The writings of numismatics

Vincenzo Dessì, The writings of numismatics, Publisher Gallizzi, Sassari 1970, pp. 248, richly illustrated, 22 cm, br. and.

Vincenzo Dessì (1859-1908) was a careful student of the ancient Sardinian coins. His research activity mainly resulted in the publication of the important studies reproduced in this volume: In the mint of Sassari. Coins of William III Viscount of Narbonne and Judge of Arborea; Real unpublished minute of the mint of Alghero; Unpublished minute for Charles V and Aragonese-Spanish coinage; Coins of Villa di Chiesa (Iglesias); Two unpublished tremissi by Charlemagne; Storage room of medieval coins found near Alghero; Storage room of medieval coins found in the Nurra; Storeroom of medieval coins found in Pattada; About a small storage room of Liutprando's gold coins found in the village of Ossi (Sassari).

Insignificant signs of aging, otherwise in perfect condition. Very rare.


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