Frederick II. Image and power

Frederick II. Image and power, edited by Maria Stella Calò Mariani and Raffaella Cassano, Marsilio, Venice 1995, pp. XXXI, 603, richly illustrated, 29 cm, br. and.

Catalog of the exhibition held in Bari at the Swabian Castle from 4 February to 17 April 1995, as part of the celebrations for the eighth centenary of the birth of Frederick II. Powerful volume full of images and scientific contributions.

Note the presence of the contribution of Michele Pannuti, The coinage of Frederick II of Swabia in southern Italy and Sicily. From the Index: Maria Stella Calò Mariani, Introduction - The historical and geographical horizon of the Kingdom of Sicily (JM Martin, Diversity and unity of the kingdom - CD Fonseca, Federico II and the ecclesiastical institutions of the kingdom - A. Burruso, Federico II and the Arab-Islamic cultural tradition - P. Corsi, The Byzantine world - F. Cardini, Frederick II's crusade - D. Jacoby, The overseas imperial dimension: Frederick II, Cyprus and the Kingdom of Jerusalem) - The image of the sovereign (MS Calò Mariani, Image and power - R. Elze, The symbolism of power in the age of Frederick II - F. Cardini, The imperial eagle - E. Castelnuovo, The face of Federico - PC Claussen, Creation and destruction of image of Frederick II in the history of art. What remains?) - The court (MS Calò Mariani, The art and the court - C. Bertelli, The Veroli cross of the Cistercian abbey of Casamari - P. Moliterni, Legere scribere et cantare sciebat et cantilenas at cantiones invedere. Music and dance at the time of Frederick II - H. Toubert, Frederick's miniature from the court to the city - ME Avagnina, An unpublished fresco of a courteous subject in Bassano del Grappa: Federico II and the court of the da Romano - F. Zuliani, The frescoes of the abbey palace of San Zeno in Verona - R. Poso, Diffusion of shamites, jasper and embroidery in the thirteenth century - F. Magistrale, Latin and Greek written culture: books, documents, inscriptions - P. Morpurgo, Federico II and nature - A. Paravicini Bagliani, Federico II and the cura corporis - G. Orofino, The scientific codes) - The Kingdom (MS Calò Mariani, State yards and ecclesiastical yards - F. Zezza, The materials of Frederick's architecture in Puglia - MS Calò Mariani, The contribution of archeology. Castel Fiorentino - P. Beck, The imperial domus of Fiorentino in Capitanata - F. Piponnier, The medieval house in Fiorentino - CAM Laganara Fabiano, The ceramics in the site of Fiorentino - A. Busto, AM Melilli, The metal and glass finds in Fiorentino - J. Mertens, The castellum of Ordona - T. Springer, S. Fulloni, The Benedictine complex of the Holy Trinity on Monte Sacro, Gargano - B. Haas, The vitreous finds from the excavation campaign: 1989 and 1990 in the Benedictine abbey of Holy Trinity on Monte Sacro - U. Kindermann, Abbot Gregorio di Montesacro as an exponent of the spiritual-Latin culture in Swabian Puglia - S. Patitucci Uggeri, Ceramics in Brindisi in the Frederick era - R. Di Paola, For the knowledge of Swabian architecture in Puglia. The contribution of the restorations - Fulvio Resta, The portal of the palace of Foggia - N. Tomaiuoli, The palatium of Lucera - M. Benedettelli, The castle of Bari - M. Milella, The archaeological investigations inside the castle of Bari - D. Ciminale, The excavation in the east wing of the castle of Bari (July-November 1991) - A. Lorusso Bolettieri, The sculptural decoration of the castle of Bari - M. Pasquale, The castle of Trani - M. Benedettelli, The castle of Barletta - G. Fuzio, A. Simonetti, The castle of Monte Sant'Angelo - M. Benedettelli, The castle of Gravina - G. Matitecchia, The castle of Brindisi - A. Pepe, M. Civita, The cathedral of Altamura - W. Schirmer , Castel del Monte: observations on the building - D. Sack, Castel del Monte and the East - MS Calò Mariani, Castel del Monte. The ornamental dress - G. De Tommasi, Castel del Monte: the restorations and the image - A. Pepe, Swabian settlements in Terra d'Otranto - B. Vetere, Federico and Salento - L. Santoro, Swabian settlements in Campania - MP Di Dario Guida, Calabria federiciana - MS Calò Mariani, The space of idleness and celebration - P. Mane, The Opus ruralium commodorum by Pietro de 'Crescenzi - H. Bresc, The gardens of Palermo - B. Van den Abeele, Frederick II falconer: the destiny of De arti venandi cum avibus - MS Calò Mariani, The ornamentation and the furniture - Id., The capital with angular heads in the Diocesan Museum of Troia - L. Castelnuovo-Tedesco, The capital and the head of a woman from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York - MS Calò Mariani, The Swabian inheritance - D. Aquilano, Stucchi from the former Augustinian convent of Vasto - ML Christian texts, Tuscany from Federico II puer Apuliae to Nicola de Apuliae - Id., Tuscany and Nicola Pisanus - F. Tateo, Finds and memories of Frederick II in Italian literature - F. C ardini, Federico II. Memory and Myth) - Catalog of works - Bibliography, edited by Marcella Chelotti.

Minimal traces of use on the paperback, otherwise in more than good condition.


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