Excavations at Otranto, vol. II, The finds

Excavations at Otranto, vol. II, The finds, edited by Francesco D'Andria, David Whitehouse, Congedo Editore, Galatina 1992, pp. 369, richly illustrated, 29 cm, br. and. with dust jacket.

Series of the Department of Sciences of Antiquity. Historical-archaeological sector. University of Lecce, 6. Among the various contributions present is the study by Adriana Travaglini dedicated to coins. Other writings: Introduction, David Wilkinson; Pre-Roman ceramics, Grazia Semeraro; African and micro-Asian ceramics, Maria Teresa Giannotta; Common pre-Roman and Roman pottery, Grazia Semeraro; The oil lamps of the Roman age, Maria Teresa Giannotta; Medieval Domestic Pottery, Helen Pattersona, David Whitehouse; Aphorae for Bulk Transport, Paul Arthur; Roman and medieval glass, Maria Teresa Giannotta; The Small Objects, Martin Hicks, Alison Hicks; The Animal Bones: A Preliminary Assessment of the Stock Economy, Judith Cartledge, Gillian Clark, Valerie Higgins; The Avifauna, Sheila Sutherland; The Fish Remains, Andrew KG Jones, The Marine and Fresh-water Shells, David Reese.

Small signature of possession on the title page.

Very slight traces of use, otherwise in excellent condition.


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