Manicardi, Vico D'Incerti

Nunzia Manicardi, Vico D'Incerti. A century of love of politics and industry, Edizioni Il Fiorino, Modena 2014, pp. 126, 21 cm, br. and.

Biography of Vico D'Incerti created by the writer Nunzia Manicardi, based on the personal diaries of the numismatist, engineer and industrial manager Vico D'Incerti, who also contributed with numerous patents to the birth and affirmation of the great Italian industry of the first half of the twentieth century. He was also awarded several national prizes for having started the production of photographic and cinematographic equipment in Lombardy on an industrial basis. Very famous all over the world was his patent of the Rondine della Ferrania, the innovative camera that became the symbol of an era. He was one of the most active numismatists of the twentieth century.

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