Lazari, Correr Collection of Venice

Vincenzo Lazari, News of the works of art and antiquities of the Correr collection in Venice, Tipografia del Commercio, Venice 1859, pp. XII, 287, 26 cm, contemporary half canvas binding and marbled paper plates.

A full-bodied work by the numismatist Vincenzo Lazari, in which 1557 objects belonging to the Correr collection appear in detail. Worthy of note are: minting, gems, paintings, majolica, porcelain, Murano glass, mosaics, enamels, ivories, carvings, precious metal objects, weapons, marbles, etc. The work opens with a long biographical profile of Teodoro Correr. Inside the flyer for the presentation of the volume Mints and coins of the Abruzzi in the early days, by Lazari, published in Venice in 1858.

Some flowering and minimal browning, traces of old label with placement signature on the back, however good copy.

Rare original edition.


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