Nieupoort, Rituum qui olim apud Romanos obtinuerunt succinta explicatio

Rituum qui olim apud Romanos obtinuerunt succinta explicatio. Ad intelligentiam veterum auctorum easy methodo conscripta to GH Nieupoort, ex Typographia Remondiniana, Bassani 1803, pp. XXIV, 372, ill., 5 beautiful plates of which 3 reproducing coins, 18 cm, splendid coeval binding in half parchment with fillets, titles and decorations in gold on leather insert on the back, cuts sprayed in red.

Beautiful edition of 1803 of this eminent work on the uses and customs of ancient Rome made by Nieupoort (1670-1730), jurist and historian specializing in ancient history, teacher at the University of Utrecht. Among the topics covered: origins of Rome, division into tribes, senators, magistrates, consuls, praetors, plebs, quaestors, censuses, prefects, popular judgment, divinities (Jupiter, Minerva, Diana, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Vulcan, Saturn, Bacchus, Osiris, etc.), encampments, burials, etc. There is no lack of numismatic references accompanied by coin engravings.

In excellent condition.


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