Kos, A Hoard of third Century Antoniniani

Peter Kos, A Hoard of third Century Antoniniani, Narodni muzej, Ljubljana 1991, pp. 99, 50 tablets, 24 cm, binding in full canvas ed. with titles on the spine, on the front plate. and dust jacket.

Series: Situla, 29.

The monograph with bilingual text in English and Slovenian analyzes the treasure, consisting of 3510 Antoninians and a denarius, accidentally found in 1957 at the Roman site of Ig near Ljubljana. The work includes a detailed catalog of the coins with extensive illustrations and a commentary on each specimen of the treasure chest. The author's acute scientific considerations in an attempt to chronologically determine the burial of the coins are very interesting.

Small signature of possession on the third card.

In excellent condition.


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