Santarelli, One of the oldest and rarest coins in the city museum of Forlì

Antonio Santarelli, Of the oldest and rarest coins existing in the city museum of Forlì, Democratic Typography, Forlì 1876, pp. 164, cm 24, br. and.

The lawyer Antonio Santarelli was a member of the Government Commission of Fine Arts, Royal Inspector of excavations and monuments, director of the Pinacoteca and Civic Museums of Forlì. He carried out numerous excavations in the surroundings of Forlì, Villanova, Vecchiazzano and in other places. We owe him the foundation of the first nucleus of what is today the National Archaeological Museum of Sarsina. The Civic Archaeological Museum of Forlì is named after Antonio Santarelli, whose very foundation is due to his work. In this volume, Santarelli describes the ancient, medieval, modern coins and the medieval, modern and pontifical medals preserved in the city museum of Forlì.

In excellent condition. Extremely rare.


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