The Greek and Roman coin, edited by Panvini Rosati

The Greek and Roman coin, edited by Francesco Panvini Rosati, L'Erma di Bretschneider, Rome 2000, pp. 162, richly illustrated, 46 tablets, 29 cm, beautiful and solid binding in all red canvas with gold titles on the spine and dust jacket.

Series: History of money, 1. From the Index, for Greek coinage: NF Parise, Outlines of Greek Monetary Prehistory; M. Radnoti Alfldi, The beginnings of coinage in the Mediterranean up to the Persian wars; HA Cahn, The Greek coin from the Persian wars to Alexander the Great; NK Rutter, Magna Graecia and Sicily; V. Cubelli-D. Foraboschi, General characteristics of Hellenistic coinage. For Roman coinage: F. Panvini Rosati, Pre-Roman coinage in Italy. The beginnings of Roman coinage in Italy and the Roman-Campanian coinage; F. Panvini Rosati, The Roman coin from the introduction of the denarius to Augustus; P. Calabria, The Roman coin from Augustus to Septimius Severus; H. Huvelin, The Roman coin from the death of Alexander Severus to the advent of Diocletian; M. Radnoti Alfldi, Roman coinage in late antiquity (284/476 AD). The volume closes with: Tables; Nomenclature; Summary pictures and map with the indications of the places.

Small scholar's signature on the title page.

Very slight traces of use on the dust jacket, otherwise in excellent condition.


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