Monetary finds and historical-economic processes in the ancient world

Monetary finds and historical-economic processes in the ancient world, edited by Michele Asolati, Giovanni Gorini, Esedra Editrice, Padua 2012, pp. 362, richly illustrated, 27 cm, br. and.

Numismatica Patavina, 12. Series directed by Giovanni Gorini.

This volume, which includes fourteen contributions, comes at the end of a research project funded by the Ministry of Education, University and Research that lasted over ten years. It was aimed at studying the problems relating to ancient coin finds with projections also in the medieval world in their broadest sense both chronologically and methodologically. Over the years, numerous Italian and foreign scholars have participated in this debate who have focused on some historical-economic aspects of the coin finds in the contexts of Greek and Roman society. These works, although they reflect different approaches and perspectives according to the personalities of the authors, nevertheless, as a whole, provide a very broad and articulated picture of the situation of studies in this sector of numismatic research at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century. Each of them, with its own specificity, is part of a larger organism which as a whole offers itself to the free exchange of ideas with a critical and methodological approach. This initiative was born within the "school of Padua" which for several years now has developed a certain experience on historical and economic problems related to the phenomenon of monetary finds.

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