Raffaele Iula, Introduction to Salerno numismatics

Raffaele Iula, Introduction to Salerno numismatics, Editrice Diana, Italian Numismatic Cultural Association, Formia 2016, pp. 111, numerous illustrations bn and col., Cm 24, br. and.

Series: Nummus et Historia XXX.

Dissemination volume that effectively presents issues concerning the numismatics of Salerno. Aimed at enthusiasts and scholars of this coinage, it aims to provide a synthesis of the most common, but still little investigated aspects of the coins of the Salerno mint. In fact, the text deals with topics such as: the history of the studies that contributed to the increase in knowledge of these coins, the technical aspects concerning the minting of coins in the early medieval period, the artistic style in the various historical phases of the coin workshop. A substantial bibliography closes the text.


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