Historical Archive of Calabria, n. 5, 1913

Historical archive of Calabria, Tip. Muca, Naples, a. I, no. 5, September 1913, pp. 457-567, richly ill., 25 cm, br. and.

From the Index: M. Cagiati, Coins assigned to some cities of Calabria from the 15th to the 18th century; P. Orsi, Excavations of Calabria in the years 1910-11 (continued); L. Volpicella, Official Epistolary of the Governor of Calabria Ultra Lorenzo Cenami (continued); Bibliographic Bulletin; V. Capialbi, Continuation to the Sacred Italy of Ughelli.

Interesting issue of this important periodical which includes a substantial contribution by the numismatist Memmo Cagiati (pp. 457-481) rich in illustrations reproducing coins.


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