Coins of Messapia. The Angevin coinage in the kingdom of Naples

Coins of Messapia. The Angevin coinage in the kingdom of Naples. Proceedings of the 3rd National Congress of Numismatics. Bari 12-13 November 2010, Apulian numismatic circle, Bari 2011, pp. 602, richly illustrated in color, 26 cm, br. and.

Eos. Series of numismatic studies directed by Giuseppe Colucci, 3.

On the cover: National History Society for Puglia.

From the Index: Aldo Siciliano, Introduction; Mario Lombardo, The Messapi and Messapia between the 5th and 4th centuries BC; Francesco Grelle, The Roman Messapia; Aldo Siciliano, Monetary productions between the fifth and fourth centuries. BC in Messapia; G. Gorini, Greek coin collecting and scientific research; L. Rinaudo, Coins and archives of Salento: computerized data collection and organization systems; B. Carroccio, The monetary iconographies in Messapia and the Taras mystery; S. Montanaro, The legend coins ΝΑR - ΝΑRΗΤΙΝΩΝ; A. Campana, G. Tafuri, The coins of Samadi; A. Travaglini, The coins of Brundisium and Orra; V. Maci, The coins of Graxa and Sturnium; A. Rillo, G. Sarcinelli, The coins of Uzentum; V. Camilleri, P. D'Angela, Attendance and monetary circulation; F. Catalli, The coins of ancient Puglia in the coin box of the Archaeological Museum of Florence; Award ceremony and delivery of the gold medal "Master of numismatics" to Prof. Lucia Travaini; R. Ganganelli, Presentation by Prof. Lucia Travaini; L. Travaini, A memory of Philip Grierson one hundred years after his birth; P. Corsi, Reflections on the Angevin monarchy (1266-1442); F. Punzi, The real of Charles I; G. Colucci, The origins of the pug in the kingdom of Naples (1278-1309); J. Baker, Typology and epigraphy in the evolution of pugs; A. Degasperi, Monetary circulation in Salento at the time of Charles I and Charles II of Anjou; A. D'andrea, Abruzzo mints and coins in the 14th-15th century; G. Ruotolo, Tornesi money from Greece to southern Italy; C. Minervini, The pretenders' coins; M. Chimienti, The Angevin coinage in central-northern Italy; M. Bazzini, Parma Arezzo Cittaducale: Angevin mints ?; G. Testa, The lilies of Provence; R. Rossi, Trade and Monetary Relations. Circulation between the Marca d'Ancona and the kingdom of Sicily then of Naples under the Anjou family; E. Arslan, Conclusions.

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