Numismatics Bulletin, n. 11, July-December 1988

Numismatics Bulletin, Ministry for Cultural and Environmental Heritage, Rome, n. 11, July-December 1988, pp. 205, richly illustrated, 29 cm, cart. and.

From the Summary: MARIA TERESA GRASSI: Monetary finds from Angera (Varese), excavations 1980-1984 - Catalog - Abbreviations - Analytical indexes; NERI SCERNI: The mint mark "R" on the coins of the Roman Republic of 1798-1799; PATRIZIA SERAFIN PETRILLO: On the silver content of some Hispanic series; New studies on gold coins: refining and alterations from Rome to Byzantium (L. TRAVAINI); Neapolis in ancient Campania, VII Conference of the International Center for Numismatic Studies, Naples Villa Livia, 20-24 April 1980 (ed. Naples 1987) (P. SERAFIN PETRILLO); ROME, Tiber: Archeology and Commerce, May 28, 1987; PARIS, Round table on: Findings of gold coins in the West and in the Balkans from the 1st cent. BC to the seventh century. AD, 4-5 December 1987 (E. ERCOLANI COCCHI); ROME, Archeology and Computer Science, 3-5 March 1988; FERRARA, The Mint of Ferrara in the municipal and Este ages: studies and collecting, April 22, 1988; ROME, VII Exhibition of the medal and art plaque, April 15 - May 14, 1988; BOLOGNA, Bononia docet: from bolognino to coins celebrating the IX centenary of the University of Bologna, 8-30 September 1988; ROME, IV Week for Cultural and Environmental Heritage. Day dedicated to Numismatics today, 8 December 1988; GENOA, Monstrum: a collection within the collection, 9-11 December 1988; Finds: ALBISOLA SUPERIORE (Savona), Coins from the excavations of the Roman villa and from finds in the territory of the ancient Alba Docilia (F. BULGARELLI); ALBISOLA SUPERIORE (Savona), Coins found in the Roman villa in the archaeological excavations from 1957 to 1976 (A. BERTINO); SANTA CORNELIA (Rome), Monetary finds (N. CHRISTIE, L. TRAVAINI).

Small signature of possession on the title page.

Very slight signs of aging, otherwise in excellent condition.


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