Italian numismatic magazine, 2011

Italian journal of numismatics and related sciences. Founded by Solone Ambrosoli in 1888. Published by the Italian Numismatic Society in Milan, Milan, 2011, pp. 502, richly illustrated, 25 cm, br. and.

From the Index: R. CANTILENA, Coins from the Sanctuary of Hera at the mouth of the Sele (Paestum). New data and old excavations A. CAVAGNA - M. CHIARAVALLE, The Ptolemaic and Alexandrian coins of the "Paolo Giovio" Civic Museum of Como CRITICAL ESSAYS F. THIERRY, Origin and development of the traditional Chinese monetary system M. PENSA, The image of the city in the numismatic documentation (first part) C. MARVEGGIO, The coinage of Hatria. Chronological, weighting, iconographic and productive aspects L. FABBRI, Livia, Diva Augusta, Goddess Ceres on the dupondius coined by the emperor Claudius in 42 AD A. SAVIO, Appunti di Numismatica Alessandrina I. An intriguing drachma by Antonino Pio M. ASOLATI - G SALEMI, Characterization of 5th century numbers. AD through three-dimensional relief: a tool for numismatic research G. CARRARO, Concession of Ferrara mint and monetary production during the municipal period A. GIULIANI, Giovanni d'Angio and the Aquila mint (1460-1463). From the war to the earthquake L. GIANAZZA, Classification of large silver issues in the duchies of Mantua and Monferrato (1587-1626) NUMISMATIC HISTORIOGRAPHY: D. CALOMINO, Collecting and numismatic trade in Verona by Scipione Maffei: unpublished testimonies on a rare " brass medallion "C. RAVARA MONTEBELLI, The tables of the first volume of the work of Onorio Arrigoni amended by the author MEDALIST: A. BERNARDELLI," And I also throw many medals of more sorts ... it was a beautiful and alegra solemnity ". Aspects of the use of medals in foundation rituals, the 16th century NOTES: AL MORELLI, Coins and goldsmithing: valorisation of materials and multidisciplinary study S. MARSURA, The word to coins: everyday life and the exceptionality of the feminine between Principality and Domination A. CRISA, Letter from Girolamo Bonanno Chiaramonte on a gold coin of Constantine IV (Caltagirone, 1745).

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