Italian numismatic magazine, 1892, Rist. an.

Italian numismatic magazine, vol. V, 1892, Aldo Ausilio Editore, Padua, 1979, pp. 547, 10 tablets, 25 cm, binding in full canvas ed. with gold titles on the spine.

Anastatic reprint of the Milan edition, 1892.

From the Index: F. Gnecchi, Notes on Roman Numismatics: XXI. Contributions to the Corpus Numorum. E. Ercole Gnecchi Collection in Milan; XXII. Excavations of Rome in 1891; XXIII. Numi plumbei; XXIV. Classification of the Imperial Bronze; XXV. The Senatorial Medallion. XXVI. Imperial Bronze Series; AA., Postilla on the Etruscan inscription of the Roman Semisse of Arezzo Elia Lattes; E. Gabrici, A Few Observations on Money by L. Memmi; S. Ambrosoli, Of a great unpublished bronze of the Nômo Tanite; E. Gnecchi, Notes on Italian Numismatics: V. I Luigini by Giulia Centurioni Serra. Princess of Campi; YOU. A half Testone by Francesco Gonzaga, Marquis of Castiglione; VII. An unpublished offering by Ponzone. VIII. A sequin of Leo X for Ravenna; IX. A mezzo grosso by Paolo III for Camerino; G. Gavazzi, Grosso unpublished by Gian Galeazzo for Verona; V. Capobianchi, Proportional weights deduced from the Roman, Merovingian and Charlemagne pounds; E. Tagliabue, Mesolcinese monetary tariff; N. Papadopoli, Bimetallism in Venice in the Middle Ages; C. Poma, Of an unpublished coin from the Messerano mint; N. Papadopoli, Francesco Foscari and his coins; AG Sambon, Of some unpublished coins of Alfonso I and Ferdinando I king of Naples and of two previously unknown Neapolitan money shops: a) Mint of Gaeta. b) The Cell and the Reale of Alfonso I coined in Aquila. c) Mint of Lanciano. d) The crown of Ferdinand I in gold; G. Ruggero, Genoese Numismatic Notes: XXI. Last minutes and their multiple anepigraphs; U. Rossi, Gride relating to the course of Milanese coins in Reggio d'Emilia; B. Morsolin, A medal by Alfonsina Orsini; B. Morsolin, Three medals in honor of Friar Giovanni da Vicenza; B. Morsolin, Medal in honor of Giuseppe da Porto; B. Morsolin, Medal in honor of Fra Domenico da Pescia; G. Castellani, Medal of the Port of Fano; U. Rossi, Gian Marco and Gian Battista Cavalli; A. Comandini, Italian medals of 1890.

In excellent condition.


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