Italian numismatic magazine, 2013

Italian journal of numismatics and related sciences. Founded by Solone Ambrosoli in 1888. Published by the Italian Numismatic Society in Milan, Milan, 2013, pp. 418, richly illustrated, 25 cm, br. and.

From the Index: C. PERASSI, Island Numismatics. Coins of the Melita and Gaulos mints of the Maltese National Collection. G. FUSCONI, The Roman antiquiores of the Palagi collection preserved at the Civic Archaeological Museum of Bologna. A. SACCOCCI, A.CONVENTI, An unpublished money of Verona in the name of Adalbert king of Italy (950-961). S. SANTANGELO, Two closets of Arab-Norman tarì from the province of Ragusa: Spaccaforno and Modica 1907. P. VISONÀ, Out of Africa. The Movement of Coins of Massinissa and his Successors across the Mediterranean. Part one. M. CARDONE, Study on the frequency of Augustan provincial issues of the Iberian Peninsula on online public auctions. S. MARSURA, Monnayage et images féminines dans l'Aquitaine romaine. L. DEL BASSO, L. ZAMBONI, Problems inherent in the introduction of the Fecunditas type in Roman coinage: the case of Faustina Maggiore and the meaning of motherhood in the Antonine dynasty. E. BULTRINI, Monetation and heraldry in the ostentation of the medieval Roman aristocracy (XIII-XIV centuries.) L. GIANAZZA, R.GENOVESI, Falsari in Capiago in 1493: a judicial error against German alchemists? S. PERFETTO, The bank master's office and a "discourse on the charges and oblices that held the royal officials in the royal mint of the coin of this city of Naples" (10 of Iennaro 1584). A. BERNARDELLI, Throwing coins in the Trevi Fountain. A foreign tradition born in Rome. A. MOSCA, The big aquiline of Treviso and its emblem: a new attribution proposal. G. GIROLA, Francesco Vaccaro, an "Italian from Asmara" and the coins of Aksum. A. SAVIO, F. ROSINI, The leads of Tarsus. V. CASAROTTO, A rare Venetian bull: known for the mint of Venice in the modern age. A. CAVAGNA: Th. Faucher, M.-Ch. Marcellesi, O. Picard (ed. Par), Nomisma. The circulation monétaire dans le monde grec antique. A. SAVIO: M. Asolati, Nummi Aenei Cyrenaici. Structure and chronology of the Cyrenaic bronze coinage of the Greek and Roman age (325 BC - 180 AD). G. GIROLA: Apulian coinage from the classical age to the Middle Ages. G. GORINI: S. Krmnicek, Münze und Geld im frührömischen Ostalpenraum. Studien zum Münzumlauf und zur Funktion von Münzgeld anhand der Funde und Befunde von Magdalensberg. T. LUCCHELLI: D. Calomino, Nicopolis d'Epiro. New studies on the mint and coin production. A. CAVAGNA: P. Josifovski, The Kuzmanović Collection. Stobi. Volume IM PÎSLARU: A. Cavagna, DACIA PROVINCE. The cones. A. CHRIS: S. Moorhead, A. Booth, R. Bland, The Frome Hoard. V. DE PASCA: M. Asolati, Praestantia Nummorum. Themes and notes of late ancient and early medieval numismatics. A. SAVIO: M. Chimienti, Guido Antonio Zanetti. A numismatist at the time of the Enlightenment. A. SAVIO: R. Pera (edited by), The meaning of images: numismatics, art, philology, history. G. GIROLA: L. Villaronga, J. Benages, Ancient Coinage of the Iberian Peninsula. C. PERASSI: F. Schmidt-Dick, Typenatlas der römischen Reichsprägung von Augustus bis Aemilianus. G. GIROLA: A. Montagano, Italian regional coins. Florence. T. LUCCHELLI: RH Ünal, M. Alram, S. Pfeiffer-Tas ,, F. Krinzinger (edited by), Der Münzschatz von Beçin. G. GIROLA: A. Modesti, M. Traina, The medals and coins that made Italy (1846-1870). A. SACCOCCI: T. Kleisner, J. Boublík, Coins and Medals of the Emperor Francis Stephen of Lorraine. A. SACCOCCI: G. Esposito, Notes on the "luigini" of Massa di Lunigiana. Attempt to list the 8 bolognini coins of Alberico II Cybo Malaspina.

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