Numismatics, 2 issues, complete 1947 vintage

Numismatics. Bimonthly magazine of numismatics, medals, glyptics, sphragistics, P. & P. Santamaria, Rome, a. XIII, 2 numbers, 1947, richly illustrated, 30 cm, br. and.

Issue 1-3, January-June 1947: pp. 1-64.

Number 4-6, July-December 1947: pp. 64-124.

The two numbers make up the whole published for the year 1947.

From the Summary: Alberto and Ernesto Santamaria, Pio Santamaria (1881-1947); V. Stefanelli-Clain, Contribution to the study of Callatis coins, Vittorio Tedesco-Zammarano, Contribution to Aksumita numismatics; Attilio Stazio, Bigati and argentum oscense; Lodovico Laffranchi, The usurpation of Domizio Alessandro in the numismatic documents of Aquileia and of the other Massenzian mints; Lodovico Laffranchi, Notes on numismatic criticism. IV. The origins of the myth of San Giorgio in the Roman imperial coinage; Alessandro Magnaguti, From the stater to the ducatone and vice versa. Episode IX. The living echo of history; A. Patrignani, The 1814 M penny of the former royal collection is nothing more than the 1811 M penny; Ernesto Santamaria, Vittorio Emanuele III. Commemoration; Laura Breglia, The gold of the oath and the Roman and Italic denarii of the 1st century; N. Borrelli, Of an alleged coin from Sinuessa (Campania); Mario Cattaneo, Storeroom of Massenzian and Constantinian nummi Majorini near Moncalieri; N. Borrelli, Numismatic digressions; Giovannina Majer, Three seals of the Marca Trevigiana; TB, A Byzantine seal; A. Patrignani, The name of Cardinal MS D'Altemps in an unpublished Italian medal dated 1582: the Church of S. Pio I; A. Patrignani, Vittorio Emanuele III, numismatic king. Personal memories; Numismatic bibliography; Medalist; etc.

Two elegant ex libris, one on the second cover of each issue.

Very good condition. Very rare set.


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