Italian numismatic magazine, 2004

Italian journal of numismatics and related sciences. Founded by Solone Ambrosoli in 1888. Published by the Italian Numismatic Society in Milan, Milan, 2004, pp. 583, richly illustrated, 25 cm, br. and.

From the Index: MA METLICH, Fundmünzen der Österreichischen Grabungen in Velia. A. SAVIO, The Phrygian cap of freedom in Roman numismatic documentation and its transformation during the French Revolution. L. TRAVAINI, Discovery of an axis of Malaca from Mantua. S. CAPPELLETTI, The Jewish campaign in Vespasian's coinage. M. PISLARU, Monetary finds in the principia of the legionary castrum of Potaissa (Dacia). R. CONTON, The reverse with the bull in the bronzes of Giuliano. AL MORELLI, Rare issues and counterfeits: a nucleus of late imperial coins from the "Ala Ponzone" Museum in Cremona. A. DEGASPERI, The numismatic finds from the Pratesi excavation in Empoli. F. CASILLO, The monetary finds from the territory of Fanum Fortunae. S. BUSSI, Monetary economics in Kellis (Great Oasis, Egypt)? MA METLICH, Ein Minimihort aus der Zeit des Untergangs der Ostgoten. J. BAKER - P. CALABRIA, Filignano (IS): late medieval coins. L. PASSERA, Issues of the Counts of Gorizia: a new chronological proposal. H. RIZZOLLI, Lienz coins in the light of new treasures and individual finds. R. BETTI - A. MONTAGANO - M. SOZZI - R. VILLORESI, Big six and twenty denari ... in an Orvieto document dated 1318. F. SAETTI, The "portrait of the warrior" on two coins of the Italian Renaissance. B. PASZKIEWICZ, The present cascia are bags 90 to thousand ducats ... Queen Bona of Poland's Treasure. L. MEZZAROBA, The annexation of Venice to Italy (1866) through medals. V. NIZZO, The Ugento mint: history of studies and analysis of production. S. BUSSI, Cereals of Egypt: the problem of pistikion. EM SEGARRA, The numismatic collection of the Museo historico nacional de Montevideo. M. TRAINA, In Pectore Troia or in Ectore Troia? G. GIROLA, Two letters from Abyssinia for Gaetano Cattaneo.

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