Bulletin of the Neapolitan Numismatic Circle, 1958

Bulletin of the Neapolitan numismatic circle, Agar, Naples, a. XLIII, January-December 1958, pp. 66, richly illustrated, 29 cm, br. and.

From the Index: Pietro Ebner, Il foedus Reggio-Velia, and its causes, from an incuse tissue; Giovanni Bovi, Study on the Neapolitan gold coins of Charles of Bourbon in relation to the Sicilian ones; Carmelo Trasselli, For the chronology of the Sicilian coins of Ferdinand the Catholic; Giovannina Majer, An interesting oriental imitation of Andrea Dandolo's zecchino; Domenico Priori, About the improper term Kingdom of the Two Sicilies; List of members.

The dossier constitutes the entire publication of the Bulletin of the Neapolitan Numismatic Circle for 1958.

In excellent condition. Rare.


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