Numismatics, 3 issues, complete 1942 vintage

Numismatics. Bimonthly magazine of numismatics, medals, glyptics, sphragistics, P. & P. Santamaria, Rome, a. VIII, 3 issues, 1942, richly illustrated, cm 30, br. and.

Issue 1-2, January-April 1942: pp. 1-40.

Issue 3-4, May-August 1942: pp. 41-80.

Number 5-6, September-December 1942: pp. 81-116.

The three numbers make up the whole published for the year 1942.

From the Summary: Guido Belloni, Observations on the art and antiquity of some Roman medallions; O. Ulrich-Bansa, Notes on the coins of Emperor Leo II (473-474); Nicola Borrelli, The wedding coin; Maria Corti, Notes on economic numismatics, Decadence of the currency in the third century of the Roman Empire; Lodovico Laffranchi, Notes of numismatic criticism, The gold medallion of Theodosius II, Two monuments of the august adventus: the Regisole of Pavia and the Capitoline Marc'Aurelio; Giacinto Cerrato, The copper proof of an 80 soldi coin of Vittorio Amedeo II of Savoy from the year 1716; Conte Alessandro Magnaguti, From the stater to the ducatone and vice versa, Historical-artistic evolution of the portrait on the coin; Nicola Borrelli, Uncommon monetary types: the Fire Altar of the Arsacidi coins to the Aragonese armellini; Carlo Prota, The coin-medals minted in honor of the visit of King Philip V of Spain to the city of Naples in 1702; Alberto Dei, Etruscan bronze coins incused; Gian Guido Belloni, Aspects of Roman medal art and a medallion by Antonino Pio depicting Posidone and Athena; SA Luciani, Of an unknown portrait and of the augustals of Frederick II; Numismatic bibliography; Medalist; etc.

Perfect condition. Very rare set.


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