Numismatics Bulletin, n. 44-45, 2005

Numismatics Bulletin, Ministry for Cultural and Environmental Heritage, Rome, n. 44-45, January-December 2005, pp. 346, richly illustrated, 29 cm, cart. and.

From the Summary: Gabriella Angeli Bufalini, The closet of the Tenuta di Lunghezzina (Rome) 1995; Tilde De Caro, Gabriel Maria Ingo, Cristina Riccucci, The storage room of the Tenuta di Lunghezzina (Rome) 1995, microchemical and microstructural investigation; Gabriella Angeli Bufalini, Mariarosaria Barbera, Silvia Festuccia, The treasure of via Turati all'Esquilino (Rome) 2002; Cristina Cicali, The coins of the mining castle of Rocca San Silvestro, etc.

In excellent condition.


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