Numismatic miscellany directed by Memmo Cagiati, n. 3-4, 1921

Numismatic miscellany, Tipografia Melfi & Joele, Naples, a. II, n. 3-4, March-April 1921, pp. 33-60, richly illustrated, 27 cm.

Note the following articles: Of some unpublished coins of Metaponto, by Arthur Sambon; The coins of the ancient Suessa Aurunca, by Nicola Borrelli; Zecchieri di Fano and their initials from the correspondence of Maffeo Governatore di Fano (1592-1593), by G. Castellani; Errors of attribution or coins not exactly attributed, by A. Cunietti-Gonnet; Medal minted by Ferdinand II of Bourbon in honor of Count Ilarione Petitti di Rireto, by G. Assandria; An unpublished writing by Vincenzo Mirabella, by Enrico Maucieri; Reviews; News; etc.

This important periodical was printed in Naples for only three years.

Very good condition. Very rare.


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