Italian numismatic magazine, 1942

Italian journal of numismatics and related sciences. Founded by Solone Ambrosoli in 1892. Official organ of the Italian numismatic society of Milan, Ulrico Hoepli Editore, Milan, vol. II, s. IV, n. XLIV, quarter I 1942, pp. 1-36, ill., 32 cm; quarter II 1942, pp. 37-64, ill., 32 cm; quarter III 1942, pp. 65-92, ill., 32 cm; quarter IV 1942, pp. 93-115, ill., 32 cm.

Note the following articles: Lodovico Laffranchi, On some historical-numismatic problems referring to the Gallo-Roman emperors (with two tables outside the text); Pietro Tribolati, Unpublished coin of Passerano; Pietro Tribolati, Another counterfeit by Desana; Giorgio Nicodemi, Modern Italian medalists: Adolfo Wild (with two plates outside the text); Antonio Pagani, Modern medal novelties; Gian Guido Belloni, Essay on the iconography of Adriano (with a panel); Alfredo Barilli, On consular coins. Some considerations on the manufacturing technique of the so-called serrated or serrated consular deniers; Pietro Tribolati, A counterfeit by Montanaro; Giorgio Nicodemi, Modern Italian medalists: Edoardo Rubino; Antonio Pagani, Quintilio Perini (with portrait); Pietro Tribolati, An unpublished coin from Sabbioneta; Petroff Wolinsky Andrey, On the enigmatic symbol on the coins of the Grand Duchy of Kiev (with a table); Giorgio Nicodemi, Modern Italian medalists: the ten medals by Romano Romanelli (with three plates); SA Luciani, Notes of Tarantine numismatics (with four tables); Pietro Tribolati, A large ducatone of Philip IV of Spain coined in the mint of Milan; Giorgio Nicodemi, Modern Italian medalists: Antonio Maraini; etc.

Excellent conservation. Rare.


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