Numismatics Bulletin, n. 12, January-June 1989

Numismatics Bulletin, Ministry for Cultural and Environmental Heritage, Rome, n. 12, January-June 1989, pp. 268, richly illustrated, 29 cm, cart. and.

From the Summary: FRANCA MARIA VANNI PECCATORI, The treasure of Modigliana - Introduction - Catalog - Abbreviations - Analytical indexes; LORELLA BAGGIANI, ANNA FLORIDIA, Letters from Don Porporino from Faenza to Cardinal Leopoldo de 'Medici (1673-1674); SABBIONETA (Mantua), The Gonzaga mints - Mantua and Sabbioneta (ca. 1150-1707), 9 September 1989; TARANTO, The Mediterranean, places and memory, 13 October - 15 November 1989 - Numismatic Section (S. BALBI DE CARO, L. CRETARA) - Archival Section (C. CASTELLANI); THARROS (Oristano), 1988 excavation campaign (LI MANFREDI); NICOTERA (Catanzaro), Civic Museum. Theft of numismatic material - Catalog (M. MASTELLONI).

Small signature of possession on the title page.

Slight signs of aging, otherwise in excellent condition.


VAT included

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