Winsemann Falghera collection

Rodolfo Martini, Novella Vismara, Winsemann Falghera Collection. Roman provincial coinage, 9 volumes, Ennerre Editions, Milan 1992, pp. 2587 total, richly illustrated, 314 tables overall, 25 cm, cart. and. in an elegant case.

Volume I: Rodolfo Martini, Augustus-Vitelius, pp. 266, 56 pl.

Volume II: Rodolfo Martini, Vespasianus-Commodus, pp. 267-535, 57-122 pl.

Volume III: Novella Vismara, Septimius Severus-Severus Alexander, pp. 536-812, 123-199 tables

Volume IV: Novella Vismara, Maximinus-Aemilianus, pp. 813-1051, 200-259 tables

Volume V: Novella Vismara, Valerianus-Aurelianus-semi autonomous (semi autonomous issues edited by Rodolfo Martini), pp. 1052-1281, 260-314 pl.

Volume VI: Rodolfo Martini, Novella Vismara, Indices. Bibliographic tables, pp. 1282-1588.

Volume VII: Rodolfo Martini, General Bibliography (until 1991). Bibliographic indexes: 1. General Bibliography, pp. XXXI, 328.

Volume VIII: Rodolfo Martini, General Bibliography (until 1991). Bibliographic indexes: 2. Bibliographic indexes, pp. XIV, 329-628.

Volume IX: Rodolfo Martini, Handbook of provincial mints, pp. XX, 306.

Insignificant signs of aging, otherwise volumes in excellent condition.

Powerful and rare work.


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