Beger, Numismata Pontificum Romanorum

Numismatum modernorum cimeliarchii regio-electoralis Brandeburgici. Sectio before. Continens Numismata Pontificum Romanorum, aliorumque ecclesiasticorum, rariora & elegantora: Aere expressa & Dialogo illustata à Laurentio Begero, Augustissimi Regis Borussiae, et Electoris Brandenburgici, Consiliario ab Antiquitatibus & Bibliotheca, Typis Ulrici Liebperti, Typographi Regii, Coloniae 1704, Brandenburgica. VIII, 88 including marvelous chalcographic vignettes with imperial eagle and monogram of Frederick I of Prussia on the title page and at the end, splendid initials and numerous large-format and quality chalcographic illustrations reproducing medals and allegorical scenes, 43 cm (folio).

This work has never been subjected to any binding operation, exceptionally preserving the condition in which it was found in the printing press, with loose sheets and beards. This very rare state of maintenance is confirmed by the integrity of the back of the cards, which is perfect, without the marks caused by the binding.

The Sectio before the work was the only one published. Lorenz Beger (Heidelberg, 1653-Berlin, 1705), was a German numismatist, jurist and archivist, also known by the pseudonym of Daphnaeus Arcuarius. In numismatic research he placed himself in the line of Ezechiel Spanheim, of whom he was a pupil.

Signs of aging on the first card with a tear without losses, bluing, otherwise in excellent condition.

Extremely rare publication, even more interesting for the particular condition in which it was kept.


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