The Marquis de Thaon, Turin 19 September 1799

The Marquis de Thaon, Count of S. Andrea and of Revel, Lieutenant General of SM in all the States of the Mainland, The reasons in migration having ceased then that with the Reggio Edict of May 14, 1794 the seven-denier money pieces were recalled to the exchange. six bars in the Royal Palace in execution of the Edict of February 15, 1755 with the subrogation of the two pieces of mixed-erosion, one for twenties, and the other for ten, and in the circumstance, that due to the subsequent reduction in the value of the latter, this would correspond more to the prime value fixed and designated to them in the amount of the same, we have believed it much more convenient in the current state of things to put the aforementioned money pieces 7, 6 denarii, which are more conveniently spent in the trade, in progress , in the Stamperia Reale, Turin 19 September 1799, pp. 4, ill., 31 cm.

Beautiful large royal coat of arms, splendid woodcut of the coin object of the edict.

Very good condition. Rare.


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