Mussolini, Writings and speeches. Final edition, vols. III-XI

Writings and speeches by Benito Mussolini. Final edition, Ulrico Hoepli Editore, Milan 1934-1938, 9 vols., Pp. 2947, 7 tablets ft ill. bn with portraits of the author on the front door covered by tissue paper at 7 out of 9 vols., 23 cm, binding on the entire canvas with titles and elegant gold decorations on the spine, upper cut sprayed in gold.

The lot includes volumes III-XI of the series Writings and speeches by Benito Mussolini, for a total of 9 volumes (volumes I, II, XII and the volume containing the index are missing). Vol. III: The beginning of the new politics (28 October 1922-31 December 1923), pp. 302. Vol. IV: 1924, pp. 455. Vol. V: Writings and speeches. From 1925-III to 1926-IV-V EF, pp. 485. Vol. VI: Writings and speeches. From 1927-V to 1928-VI-VII EF, pp. 300. Vol. VII: Writings and speeches. From 1929-VII-VIII to 1931-IX-X EF, pp. 346. Vol. VIII: Writings and speeches. From 1932-X-XI to 1933-XI-XII EF, pp. 294. Vol. IX: Writings and speeches. From January 1934 to November 4, 1935, pp. 236. Vol. X: Writings and speeches of the Empire (November 1935-XIV-November 4, 1936-XV EF), pp. 224. Vol. XI: Writings and speeches. From November 1936 to May 1938, pp. 305.

Traces of use, minimal abrasions and a few spots on the ligatures of some volumes, blooms mostly limited to the edges and cuts, some paper with tears and small lacks at the edges that do not affect the text, four volumes have the hinges of the plates slightly fissured, the vol. IX is without the panel with the portrait of the Duce.

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