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Magnaguti Collection, Ex Nummis Historia, vol. VI, Coins of the Italian Lordships and the Gerosolimitano Order

P. & P. Santamaria, Collection of Count Alessandro Magnaguti, Ex Nummis Historia, vol. VI, Coins of the Italian Lordships. The Italian Grand Masters of the Gerosolimitano Order, P. & P. Santamaria Editori in Rome, Rome 1954, pp. VIII, 67, 20 pl. placed in the side pocket, cm 28, br. and.

Edition of 550 copies.

The volume presents 394 lots of coins of medieval and modern Italian mints, of which 152 of the ancient Italian lords, Paleologi, Fieschi, Saluzzo, Visconti, Sforza, 239 of the most recent lords, Grimaldi, Spinola, Radicati, Trivulzio, and 3 of the great masters of the Gerosolimitano Order.

The catalog is enhanced by an attached document which specifies the products and surnames of the buyers, consisting of 4 typewritten sheets.

Indication of possession in elegant handwriting on the front cover.

In excellent condition.


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