Numismatics Bulletin, n. 13, July-December 1989 + CD-ROM version

Numismatics Bulletin, Ministry for Cultural and Environmental Heritage, Rome, n. 13, July-December 1989, pp. 177, richly illustrated, 29 cm, cart. and.

From the Summary: PATRIZIA SERAFIN PETRILLO, On some Etruscan coins; FIORENZO CATALLI, The closet in Pozzaglia, 1922-23. Catalog; FIORENZO CATALLI, The closet of S. Marinella, 1927. Catalog; FIORENZO CATALLI, The storage room in Ardea, 1940. Catalog; SILVIA BLASIO, Letters from Guido Antonio Zanetti to Raimondo Cocchi; ISABELLA BOTTONI, An unpublished correspondence between Leopoldo de 'Medici and Charles Patin; C. BOTRE ', E. FABRIZI, G. SCIBONA, P. SERAFIN PETRILLO, Applications of X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy in the study of ancient Roman coins, historical and economic implications; F. RUSSO, G. RUSSO, On the gold inlays in the aksumita coinage; The goddess Mnwt on 4th century Palestinian coins. BC (F. VATTIONI); FRANKFURT AM MAIN, Vor - und Fruhgeschichte - Archaologisches Museum, Karmeliterkloster. Geld aus dem antiken Rom. Assem habeas, Assem valeas, January 17 - March 10, 1991 ROME, Vatican Library, Sistine Hall. Type of coins of the Republic of Rome, 21 April 1990 - 5 April 1991; OSAKA, Municipal Museum of Art. Italian Coins and Medals, 2300 years of history and art, 23 April - 26 May 1991; THARROS (Oristano), 1989 excavation campaign (LI MANFREDI); ANCONA, L'AQUILA AND CALES, Finds of coins (L. TRAVAINI); ADRIANO SAVIO, The coherence of Caligula in the management of money, in Publications of the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of the University of Milan CXXVI (P. SERAFIN PETRILLO).

In addition: CD-ROM version of the same volume in a special editorial box.

Very slight traces of use, otherwise in excellent condition.


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