Numismatic Italy, 7 issues, 1958-1961

Numismatic Italy, directed by Oscar Rinaldi, Casteldario, a. IX, n. 9, 9 September 1958, pp. 113-128, ill., 35 cm; to. IX, n. 10, 10 October 1958, pp. 129-144, ill., 35 cm; to. X, no. 3, March 3, 1959, pp. 33-48, ill., 35 cm; to. X, no. 11-12, November-December 1959, pp. 149-168, ill., 35 cm; to. XI, n. 3, March 1960, pp. 29-44, ill., 35 cm; to. XI, n. 4, April 1960, pp. 45-60, ill., 35 cm; to. XII, n. 11-12, November-December 1961, pp. 149-168, ill., 35 cm.

Lot comprising 7 numbers.

The following articles are very interesting: R. Ciferri, Seriation attempt of the Norman and Swabian tarì of Italy; G. Magli, Giovanni Antonio Orsini del Balzo and the mint of Lecce. Also noted: R Cappelli, The coinage of Julius Caesar; R. Cappelli, Eliogabalo and the black stone; V. Cappi, Mirandolese numismatic annotations. Above a test by Giovan Francesco Pico (1515-1533); G. Gamberini, 2 lire coin 1884 variant; A. Atria, Further observations on 20 lire 1957; A. Meliu, Historical coins; A. Meliu, The coins of Cyrene and the Silfio; G. Pini, The money of Masegra. Several sections dedicated to current events that allow you to grasp aspects and curiosities of the Italian numismatic life at the turn of the fifties and sixties of the twentieth century.

Excellent general condition.


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