Numismatic studies, fasc. I, 1940

Numismatic studies, The State Library, Rome, vol. I, fasc. I, 1940, pp. 98, richly illustrated, 9 tablets, 27 cm, br. and.

At the top of the title page: R. Italian Institute of Numismatics. From the Index: De Vecchi di Val Cismon, Corpus Nummorum Italicorum; SL Cesano, Il Medagliere of the Archaeological Museum of Syracuse; SL Cesano, A new golden medallion of Theodosius I and the figure of Constantinopolis; SL Cesano, A gold medallion of Libio Severus and the last coin of Imperial Rome.

This is the first issue of the two published for this sought-after periodical.

In excellent condition. Very rare.


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