Annals. Italian numismatic institute, n. 42, 1995

Annals. Italian numismatic institute, Rome, n. 42, 1995, pp. 310, 26 tablets, 25 cm, br. and.

From the Index: R. Descat, Darius I et la monnaie; M. Cattani, Marzabotto's weight system; A. Stazio, Brief history of an erroneous attribution: the storeroom of Pianura 1844 (IGCH 1907); R. Vitale, A storeroom from Baselice; MC Molinari, The coins of Meta Sudans (Rome); M. Pannuti, Notes on medieval numismatics; etc. The Annals of the Italian Institute of Numismatics are to be counted among the most important numismatic periodicals printed in Italy. Founded in 1954 by Laura Breglia, then President of the Institute, as an organ of the institution's scientific life, they collect scientific contributions in Italian, but also in French, English, Spanish and German. Authors of the articles are qualified numismatists belonging to the university world, museums, superintendencies, research bodies, both Italian and foreign. The journal's interests embrace all aspects of numismatics, from the prehistory of money to its subsequent developments up to the modern age, from the documentation of the findings to metrology, to metallographic analyzes, to economic history. Added to this is the history of the collections and their cataloging, the history of numismatic studies. The contributions are distributed in a section of "Studies and Documents" and one of "Ideas, Comments, Reviews and News". The volumes are closed by the "Report on the activity of the Italian Numismatic Institute", which reports on the initiatives carried out or in progress, on the new editions and on the publications received.

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