Yearbook of the Italian numismatic institute 1915-1916

Yearbook of the Italian Numismatic Institute 1915-1916, at the headquarters of the Institute (Tip. Degli Artigianelli), Rome, 1915, pp. 45, ill., 18 cm, binding in half blue editorial canvas.

That of 1915-1916 was the first and only yearbook of the Italian numismatic institute to be published. The volume opens with the history of the foundation of the glorious Institute, followed by: the list of members (divided between honorary, ordinary and correspondents), the statute of the Association, the presentation of the Salinas Award, the alphabetical list of members with their address, etc.

Unknown to specialized repertories, this periodical was recently examined in the article by Giuseppe Ruotolo, Yearbook of the Italian Numismatic Institute, published in Progresso Numismatico of April 2020.

In excellent condition. Extremely rare.


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