Simonetti, Handbook of Italian numismatics, 2 vols.

Luigi Simonetti, Handbook of medieval and modern Italian numismatics. From the fall of the Roman Empire to the French Revolution, 2 vols., Tipografia Poggiali, Ravenna, pp. 1243 overall, 25 cm, splendid binding in all leather with gold titles on the spine and embossed decorations on the spine and plates.

Volume I: Chronology, Acaia-Avisan, 1965, pp. 627.

Volume II: Chronology, Banias-Bologna, 1967, pp. 616.

The first two volumes were the only ones to be published and analyze a total of 108 mints.

Traces of use and lacks in the margins of the spine of the first volume, second volume in excellent condition.


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