The Capitolar from the broche of the Mint of Venice (1358-1556), edited by Bonfiglio Dosio

The Capitolar from the brochures of the Mint of Venice (1358-1556), edited by Giorgetta Bonfiglio Dosio, Editrice Antenore, Padua 1984, pp. XX, 499, 25 cm, br. and.

Bibliotheca Winsemann Falghera series, edited by Giovanni Gorini, 1.

Volume of great scientific interest, reproducing the Capitolar from the broche, a fundamental text for the knowledge and reconstruction of the life of the Venice mint. The transcription of the code, accurate and responsive to the modern needs of paleography, is due to the patient effort of Dr. G. Bonfiglio Dosio of the Archival Superintendency of Veneto.

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