Imperial Roman coins from Augustus to Vitellius

Imperial Roman coins from Augustus to Vitellio, edited by Armando Bernardelli, Giovanni Gorini, Andrea Saccocci, Esedra Editrice, Padua 1998, pp. 203, richly illustrated, 28 cm, br. and.

Series: Catalogs, 2.

At the top of the title page: Civic Museums of Vicenza.

The volume constitutes the catalog of imperial Roman coins from Augustus to Vitellius preserved at the Civic Museum of Vicenza with a part relating to the history of the medal collection and two essays on coins as a means of propaganda and on the Augustan monetary reform. All over 800 cataloged coins are reproduced on black and white plates and a complete description of each coin is offered. This is the second volume of a series that will see the complete cataloging of the numismatic patrimony of the Civic Museum of Vicenza. The volume is therefore proposed as a very useful tool for scholars but also for the simple curious of the subject.

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